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Ruthie has been adopted by the veterinary technician who fell in love with her when she was brought into the hospital for an ultrasound, probable diagnosis - a liver shunt. The liver shunt never materialized, but a new home for Ruthie did.

Her road thus far has been a long one - flown in from Russia as a tiny puppy, shortly thereafter diagnosed as being deaf, turned over to FBRN for placement in a suitable home by her concerned owner, adopted by a loving family at the age of four months, gravely ill with a suspected liver shunt at five months, turned back to rescue by her new family who were unable to make the necessary long term commitment of time and money to a puppy they hardly knew, facing a surgery that would cost $2,000 and an uncertain future. Then, French Bulldog lovers from all over the country, more than fifty of them, stepped up to help.