Smeagol will live out his days in the arms of the loving family who fostered him back to health, and taught him about life as a treasured, beloved pet.

Smeagol is one of the NC10, rescued from the way back part of the puppy mill's property where he was kept in a filthy, nasty pen, so isolated and alone, so silent and despairing that he was almost overlooked by rescuers. At eleven years old, he was a mess. It's too dangerous to treat him, so he has heartworms living in his dear heart and he has lost nearly every tooth in his big old noggin, but that doesn't affect his appetite at all. Smeags was in pitiful shape when he first came to us, his toenails were curled under and cutting into his paw pads and he was very thin. His vet described Smeagol's mange as the worst case he'd ever seen.He's now a charming, shiny, happy boy who has put his lonely, dejected days behind him and emerged as a goofy, joy-riding, free spirit who wriggles in the deliciousness of fresh-mown grass and, when he's tired of having fun, luxuriates in one of the new comfy, clean beds donated by friends and supporters of FBRN.

Smeagol, you charmer, you handsome boy, you darling thing--we love you from afar and we join the cheering throngs of your admirers in wishing you years of happiness and joy!