Location: Western Massachusetts
Age: 2 years
Sex: Neutered Male
Weight: 24 lbs
Kids: 15+, dog savvy
Cats: No
Dogs: No
Fenced yard: Yes
Adoption Fee: $600

Our handsome mad scientist Einstein is ready to find his forever home! Like many scientists, it takes a special formula for Einstein to find his perfect forever home.

Einstein came from murky circumstances. He had free run of a large estate and little guidance on how to run it. While some dogs enjoy freedom, it seems to have made Einstein a bit anxious. He began to pick on the bigger dogs in the house, usually over food, and he acted out towards the teens in the house, likely because he was overstimulated and nervous with his responsibilities of running his estate. He also began to develop some stomach issues in this environment.

When Einstein arrived in our care, he was a little stand-offish and nervous, understandably so. While in foster care in a quiet house with a routine, he has started to come out of his shell, but he still prefers a consistent routine and the low key activity his foster home has provided.

He has awesome house manners, once acclimated, he has had zero accidents, although if he finds a stray tissue box all bets are off! He has not been exposed to cats, so we will say no to felines. Dogs can be tricky for Einstein. When he is outside his "laboratory" he is fine, but once inside he prefers to be the only canine inventor on the premises. Kids should be older and dog savvy, as his early experiences with them were overwhelming and he does not like loud noises or quick movements. He might be able to go to the office with his person, provided the stimulation level is appropriate for him. As for his people, once Einstein decides he likes you, he is a velcro dog! He loves to have a good run and then come back to snuggle by the fire. He seems to do best with older folk, so someone who is retired or lives a quiet life with a consistent routine is best. When Einstein is off his routine, his GI issues and anxiety escalate, more about that below. Currently, he goes on several long walks a day to burn some of that energy and anxiety, so his forever home will need a plan for adequate exercise for this handsome boy.

Einstein has a bit of a nervous stomach and some allergies. Currently he is maintained on a raw diet which help keep his allergies and GI issues in check. Consistency is the name of the game for him for diet as well as routine so his foster home will review his diet and allergens with his forever home. Sticking to the plan will be important for his success.

While Einstein is a quirky boy, he is a love bug when he warms up. We know he will make his forever home very happy and will give back their love ten fold. If you feel you have the right ingredients for Einstein, please click on the apply button. He would love to hear from you and apply his scientific methods to your application!

FBRN does not ship dogs as cargo. Except in rare or unusual cases, adopters are expected to pick up their dogs from their foster family. In rare or unusual cases, FBRN may be able to assist in transporting a dog to a volunteer near the adopter's home, but the expense of transporting the dog must be the responsibility of the adopting party.

FBRN dogs are in foster care in people's private homes. For the foster families' safety, we do not disclose specific locations, and we don't set up meet and greets prior to applications. For detailed information about the dogs in our care, please read the extensive bios on each dog






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Hope this helps Einstein!! You look like a very thoughtful little frenchman!! Sending you good thoughts and best wishes to you finding a forever home in 2017!! Tell your foster parents that cooking your food with a little dill seed can help gas. Elizabeth Kittay

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