Location: S NY
Age: 6 months
Sex: Male
Weight: 15 lbs.
Kids: Older, Dog Savvy
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes
Fenced yard: Preferred
Adoption fee: $700
"Garebear is a confident puppy who is looking for someone to help him become the dog we know he can be. He is smart, squishy, and has the best eyeliner game in town."

We know some of you have been patiently waiting for the following announcement: Garebear is now available! At only 6 months old, this striking stunner is all puppy. Even though he is seemingly named after a snail (meow!), his foster likens him to the Energizer bunny. Garebear doesn't really know the meaning of the word nap. He has things to do and wants to do them all! He is always playing with his toys (or socks), chewing on bones (or his blanket), or pestering his Frenchie foster sibling trying to get him to play play play!

While napping might not be his forte, Garebear is a dream in the crate - quiet and content to chew on an antler or bully stick. Potty training is a work in progress but he doesn't have accidents while inside the crate and tries to wait to go outside so we're confident with a consistent schedule, he'll master it in no time. A fenced yard with grass is preferred to aid in his learning. He certainly is a smart pup, already knowing "sit," "touch," and "drop it." He definitely needs some leash work as we may or may not have heard he looks like he's drunk when walking on leash. (We would love to see some video of that!)

There are some limitations to his charm. He can't go to a home with cats and he's not a good fit for young children. Being a puppy, Garebear is still in a nippy phase. He doesn't want to wear his coat? Puppy nip. He doesn't want you to take away his toy? Nip nip. So in addition to a loving and dedicated home, his adopters need to be committed to providing structure, guidance and continued training for "Little Mr. Crazypants." Garebear definitely does need a doggy playmate in his forever home - one who doesn't mind a pushy puppy smacking them in the face with a stuffie or charging at them head on. Another young and active dog would be ideal. A working family would be just fine; we're sure there will be friends or family volunteering to give him a midday break! He could also be a potential office dog if your office is looking to decrease worker productivity but increase employee satisfaction.

Garebear's foster says "Garebear is a confident puppy who is looking for someone to help him become the dog we know he can be. He is smart, squishy, and has the best eyeliner game in town." So if you're looking for a little bit naughty and a little bit nice, look no further. Apply for Garebear and tell us why you would be a great match for this young whippersnapper. Be prepared to travel to New York, by plane, train or automobile, because FBRN does not ship dogs as cargo. Adopters are expected to pick up their dogs from their foster family. 
FBRN dogs are in foster care in people's private homes. For the foster families' safety, we do not disclose specific locations, and we don't set up meet and greets prior to applications. For detailed information about the dogs in our care, please read the extensive bios on each dog. 

About Garebear:

Garebear is an active puppy and training is a work in progress. Applicants should be prepared to continue house training and working with him to address his puppy biting. Before much longer, it could become dog biting, and no one wants to see that! Applicants with dog training experience should tell us about it in their applications.


Evelyn Spillane

For treats! You’re the cutest little love bug! maria torricelli

Garebear needs some treats! adam sternin

For Garebear. Hope you find your furever home soon. eleanor Stever

Christy Culp

Use it well Garebear! Training treats, a chew toy, and maybe something nice for Bucky and the Hoomans for all the work they are doing to help you find your furever home! ~OscarTheFwenchie

Love seeing GareBears face everyday! Here's a new toy for him :) Caitlin Nestor

For Garebear, the most handsome man around. Daniella Lees

Buy yourself something wonderful, I love you Garebear!!! Renee Ingersoll

Jennifer Allen

Here’s for some squishy toys and training treats! Kari Mensing

Nancy Tighe

This donation is In memory of Gordie my 11year Old Frenchie we just lost recently to a brain tumor. Your absolutely adorable Garebear and I know you will find an amazing home!! karen obrien

Maitee Rossoukhi

Hi. Garebear! I’m a 10 month old Frenchie here in Ca that would love a fur brother! My mom let me use her PayPal account to get you some treats while you are hanging out with your foster family! I will keep my eye out to see when you come available. ~Frankie the French

Would love to be mom to this cuteness!!! Thanks for all that you all do as foster parents! Rebecca Rich

Billy Doherty

Dear Garebear, I know you will find a wonderful home; you look like such a sweet boy! -The Brinsons

Leandra Estevez

Here's a quick snack! I hope you enjoy it! I really hope we get the opportunity to bring you home! Dakeem M Coleman

Katrina Odorico

Hello Garebear! I know there will be soooo many people that apply to be your Family but looking at your little face I cant help but feel like you're destined to be a Crawley!! Our families going to throw our hat in the ring and pray we can bring you home to Georgia! But however it turns out, I'm sure you'll find a family that loves you dearly like you deserve to be loved! All our Love, The Crawley Family