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Location: SE NYC
Age: 1.5 years
Sex: Neutered male
Weight: 30 pounds
Kids: Yes dog-savvy 6+
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes
Fenced Yard: Required
Adoption Fee: $900
“We love Jackson. He fit in right away. I cannot find enough words for this wonderful little dog. I hope he goes to a home where he will have a playmate. He needs a buddy. He would love to live with a big dog—my dog is twice his size, he loves to wrestle and tease, he needs another dog in the house.”

Jackson came to FBRN after his owner passed away and a friend took him in. Sadly, the friend came to realize they didn’t have enough time for such a young, energetic pup. We have no doubt that this handsome little fella will find his perfect forever home soon.

Jackson is a happy camper whose happiness is infectious! He loves everyone he meets and wants to meet everyone he walks past, dog or person. Life is fun for Jackson! He’s the picture of good health, has no allergies, is on no medications, and requires no special diet. His foster mom feeds raw and gives supplements (to keep his coat looking so gorgeous) and she can tell you all about his current routine.

Jackson is energetic, but has a gentle nature. When treats are dispensed, he is very gentle, sniffing the food first and never grabbing it. He’s met plenty of children while in foster care and we think a forever home with respectful children old enough to know he can't be picked up (6 years and more) would be great. Jackson loves other dogs and has no resource guarding tendencies. He shares everything! He loves to play with his 55-pound foster fur-sibling and we think he’d love a furry companion in his forever home, too. Jackson has a high prey drive and must never be around cats, hamsters, birds, or other small animals. He loves pushing a soccer ball around or chasing smaller balls that he will run after, but never fetch!

Jackson is crate trained, but doesn’t love spending time in his crate. His daily routine in foster care includes a walk at the same time every morning and evening with a dog walker in the afternoon. You’d think this would give him plenty of opportunity to do his business outdoors, but he’d rather enjoy the scenery and meet new people when he’s out! When his family is home and he needs to potty, he stands quietly by the door. If his person doesn’t notice, he will simply go there or in their downstairs bathroom. Jackson will need a person who is willing to continue working with him on his potty habits, perhaps training him to signal or ring a bell when he needs to go outside.

We think Jackson would fit into just about any family dynamic. Whether it is a single person or large family, he needs a patient person who has time to give. He loves his people and he would definitely love having a fur-sibling to play with! We think an ideal fur-companion would be a dog who is relaxed and patient who isn’t easily annoyed with Jackson’s relentless puppy personality! While Jackson is relentless, he quickly realizes when his foster fur-sibling is done with wrestling time.

Any dog would want a stay-at-home person, and that would certainly be great for Jackson’s continuing education on potty habits! Not everyone is able to stay home all day with their pets, and Jackson is currently doing well with a mid-day dog walker. He’s great in the car and would love to accompany his person to the office, although we fear no one would get any work done with his adorable mug around all day!

Here are a few words from Jackson’s foster family, “We love Jackson. He fit in right away. I cannot find enough words for this wonderful little dog. I hope he goes to a home where he will have a playmate. He needs a buddy. He would love to live with a big dog—my dog is twice his size--he loves to wrestle and tease, he needs another dog in the house.”

If you think Jackson would complete your family, please click the link to apply and tell us why. Then get ready for a spring drive to pick him up! Until then, Jackson will be chasing balls and enjoying life in his foster home.

FBRN dogs are in foster care in people's private homes. For the foster families' safety, we do not disclose specific locations, and we don't set up meet and greets prior to applications. For detailed information about the dogs in our care, please read the extensive bios on each dog.


Marianne Strobel

From your neighbors in Montana! We hope you feel better soon and come up for adoption. Lindy Hockenbary

A little something for Jackson, with love Dottie (FBRN adopted OCT 2019).

charlotte swedenburg

Sarah McKenna

Krista Meardon

Wishing you a forever home soon, Jackson! Jelena Kreitmayer

Danielle Beaudry

Hope Jackson finds an amazing home with an amazing family! Alyssa Maradiaga

Hoping you have gotten better, & looking forward to seeing you soon! Latarah Mills

Hi handsome Jackson, my fellow New Yorker! I hope you’re continuing to do well in your foster care, and i truly hope i will get to meet you soon!! Jillian Burgio

Good luck, Jackson! Galina Napakh

Feel better Jackson. Your picture stole our family’s heart! Wish we could be your forever home. The Maradiaga family

You deserve some treats! Good luck with everything, sweet boy! Maria Velasco

nicolas dube

Hoping for a speedy recovery! Timothy Governale

Clarisse Catanzaro

stephanie bealert

Stephanie Miscia

Looking good! Your’e who we’re missing! Francis Kelleher

Karen Nichols

We hope you are feeling better soon buddy! We would love to give you a forever home when you’re ready! Bianca Niccolai

Wish we could have him as we have two other rescues and the fawn 3 year old girl would love a playmate as our other Frenchie has too many medical issues to really play with her. Unfortunately, we’re in Germany so best we can do is donate to help out a bit. Good luck finding your forever home. Hannah Haas

Thinking about you sweet Jackson! Zarina Khan

Lynne Blake

Keep your head high Jackson! You’ll find your new home soon. A&B W