Location: Ohio
Age: 3 years
Sex: Spayed female
Weight: 20 lbs.
Kids: Yes, 10 and up
Cats: Yes
Dogs: Required
Fenced yard: Required
Adoption fee: $500
“Leontyne is a sweet little girl who would prefer to just be with someone without too much snuggles. She will warm up to people but she is not overly affectionate. She loves other animals and is social with them. She would do best in a home that wants to spoil her with toys and fun things she can occupy herself with.”

Unlike her namesake, the divine diva Leontyne Price, Leontyne is a go-with-the-flow, hang with the crowd, go-along-to-get-along, mild-mannered little froglette.  Shy with people, she lights up around dogs--really, she's more operatic supernumerary than star player.

Leontyne wasn’t feeling too great when she first arrived at FBRN. Her velvety brindle ears were both infected, her skin was flaky and dry, and she couldn’t stop licking an owie sore on her paw. Fortunately, a round of antibiotics cleared up those nasty bugs, and an allergy panel showed us what Leontyne can and can’t tolerate. On the can’t side: human epithelia, wool, and venison. This means that Leontyne can’t sleep on the human bed, that her blankets and bedding should be regularly washed, and if you’re going to knit her a sweater, be sure to choose cotton or acrylic yarn. (“And a tasteful pattern,” adds Leontyne.)

We’re not entirely clear on Leontyne’s background, but what we do know is that she wasn’t properly socialized with humans. As a result, Leontyne is skittish around strangers, and while she undoubtedly loves her people, she isn’t the type to engage in cuddles or belly rub sessions. Hey, we get it—a girl needs her space!

Other dogs? Now that’s a different story. Leontyne adores her fellow canines, to the point where a doggie sibling or two is a prerequisite for her forever home. She loves playing with other dogs, and following other dogs, and sleeping next to other dogs, and . . . well, you get the idea. Leontyne is extremely gentle and well-mannered with every dog she meets, big or small, and per her foster mom “does not have a mean bone in her body.” This means that she gets along famously with cats as well, so if you have a small menagerie in your home, that would suit Leontyne just fine.

The ideal home for Leontyne is one where she can be part of a pack and get plenty of toys, treats, and soft blankets (which she is more than willing to share with her four-legged friends). She needs a guardian who understands that, through no fault of her own, Leontyne just isn’t that into people, and needs to be given space to do her own thing. Since she’s a laid back dog who needs a laid back atmosphere, any resident children should be older, dog-savvy, and be able to respect Leontyne’s need for space and quiet. Leontyne needs a fenced place to do her thing, so a fenced yard is required, and it is essential that she not be let off-leash in unfenced areas, as her recall is poor. She also can’t stand having her leash tied to anything stationary, so tie-outs are definitely a no-no. Leontyne has no formal training, but she likes her crate and is learning some commands. A stay-at-home guardian would be great, but Leontyne is just as happy to spend the day chilling with her canine pack. Due to her general skittishness around strangers, she’s not a great candidate for an office job.

Leontyne is in great shape now, but applicants should realize that she might need some chiropractic adjustment in the years to come, and they should also know that Leontyne is an old soul. Though she is young in years, she is very mellow.  Also, she may have a split personality when it comes to barking. In her first foster home, she was a bit vocal. In her second home, she hasn't peeped but twice.

If you work away from home, Leontyne has to be crated so she doesn't get into any mischief around the house. She likes her crate, so it's no hardship for her to be in there.

Leontyne’s biggest challenge right now is her housebreaking, in that she really isn’t. Housebroken, that is. Leontyne’s people will have to continue her training (through positive reinforcement, of course) and accept that there will be accidents. If you have experience training these famously stubborn smooshfaces, and an economy-sized jug of Nature’s Miracle under your sink, that’s definitely a plus.

Leontyne’s foster mom calls her “a little ball of love” and a “happy camper,” whose beauty naps are only occasionally interrupted by a quick round of zoomies around the yard. Foster mom says, “Leontyne is a sweet little girl who would prefer to just be with someone without too much snuggles. She will warm up to people but she is not overly affectionate. She loves other animals and is social with them. She would do best in a home that wants to spoil her with toys and fun things she can occupy herself with.”

So if you’ve got a pack that seems just a little incomplete, why not apply for sweet Leontyne? She’s ready for a forever home full of love, toys, and chill. Just be prepared to travel—Leontyne is snoozing under the Ohio stars, and will not be shipped.

FBRN does not ship dogs as cargo; adopters are expected to pick up their dogs from their foster family. 

FBRN dogs are in foster care in people's private homes. For the foster families' safety, we do not disclose specific locations, and we don't set up meet and greets prior to applications. For detailed information about the dogs in our care, please read the extensive bios on each dog. 


ABOUT Leontyne:
Leontyne has several allergies and should remain on current diet and supplements. She is allergic to human epithelia (dried skin cells) and wool so ought not to sleep in the human bed and should avoid wool blankets and rugs.

House training is a work in progress. Adopters should be prepared to start from scratch and  for the possibility that she will never be entirely housebroken.


Lisa Doyle

To Leontyne, in memory of my beloved Louie. Sarah Ross

For Leontyne, from CeeCee

Leontyne, I really hope my parents apply to adopt you. They, and their Scotty, are ready to help another dog in need. Mike