Location: SE NY
Age: 4 years
Sex: Neutered male
Weight: 25 pounds
Kids: Yes, 13+ and dog-savvy
Cats: Yes, dog-savvy cats okay
Dogs: No
Fenced Yard: Required
Adoption Fee: $500
“We love Ludwig and everyone that meets him loves him too. …Ludwig is sweet with people, a champion cuddler. It did take a little time, but he can be a perfect lap dog once he gets to know you.”


Ludwig is a resource guarder so he must never be around small children. He must be monitored during feeding and when toys are present. A slow intro is required if there are other dogs in the home. Ludwig would benefit from obedience training.

Ludwig should remain on his current diet, supplements and Omega-3 Pet supplements.

Heaven help us. What is it about the bad boys? You know the ones. They drive too fast, wear their hair too long and never call when they say they will. Our mothers tried to warn us, but we can't help ourselves: they’re daring and delicious and we love them.

FBRN’s Ludwig is one of those delicious bad boys. He was a past FBRN grad who was placed with a family who loved him. However, once a small human baby was added to the household, his parents became worried that Ludwig might not share his toys. In order to ensure the safety of everyone (and everydog) involved, they made the difficult decision to return him to FBRN so we could find him a home more suited to his naughty nature.

Perhaps naughty is too strong a word… We are partial to the term “rapscallion” to describe this boy. Ludwig is an active, mischievous boy. Foster mom says he is “very curious” and can “find fun or trouble in just about anything.” He loves to steal items and play “keep-away” with his humans. He also loves de-stuffing his stuffed toys.

Ludwig currently lives with another dog and loves to wrestle and play with her. However, their relationship only works because she is completely submissive and readily gives up any item that Ludwig decides he wants. A more assertive or dominant dog would not be a good match for Ludwig, so homes in which he would be an only dog will be given the strongest consideration.

Ludwig’s foster mom has also discovered that Ludwig does not do well if he encounters other dogs while out and about on a leash. For this reason, we are looking for a home with a securely fenced yard where he can exercise and conduct his dog business. He will not do well in a city environment where he would frequently encounter other dogs on his walks.

While some Frenchies are great for first-time Frenchie owners, Ludwig is more of a senior project kind of dog for someone currently enrolled in Advanced Dog Ownership, especially if there is another dog in the home. Ludwig’s energy level, mischievous nature, and intelligence (a word we don’t always associate with French Bulldogs) make him a triple threat. Ludwig’s foster mom recommends that his new owner take him to obedience training. They must also be able and willing to establish and enforce rules at home. Interested applicants should tell us about any past experience they have with similar strong-willed dogs and also tell us how they will address Ludwig’s training needs in the future.

Because of his resource guarding, mealtimes and toy sessions must be monitored closely if Ludwig is placed in a household with another dog. We will also not consider homes in which Ludwig will live with or encounter small children. They may not understand his unwillingness to share toys, which puts them at risk for a bite. Ludwig does live with a cat, and foster mom thinks that he could coexist peacefully if his new home has a dog-savvy feline.

While Ludwig would certainly love a stay-at-home human she thinks he could manage with a midday visit from someone who could let him out to take care of his “errands”, stretch his dog legs, and expend some of his substantial energy. He may also eventually make a good office dog after some obedience training. Of course, he will need careful integration if there are any canine coworkers in the office to ensure a harmonious working environment for everyone.

Hearing his foster mom talk about him, it’s clear that Ludwig has worked his charms on her, too: “We love Ludwig and everyone that meets him loves him too. …Ludwig is sweet with people, a champion cuddler. It did take a little time, but he can be a perfect lap dog once he gets to know you.”

So what do you think? Ready for a bad boy of your own? Think you have what it takes to give Ludwig all the love, cuddles, structure, training and guidance he needs to thrive? If you're ready to apply, just click on the link above and submit an application. If you are chosen to adopt Ludwig, be prepared to road trip your way home from New York City. Ludwig’s size makes him too big to fly, but he would love riding shotgun on your way home.

FBRN dogs are in foster care in people's private homes. For the foster families' safety, we do not disclose specific locations, and we don't set up meet and greets prior to applications. For detailed information about the dogs in our care, please read the extensive bios on each dog.

FBRN does not ship dogs as cargo, so adopters are expected to pick up their dogs from their foster family. 


Noel Arculli

May not be much but hopefully put some glitter back in your eyes! Sunni Dowds

Hugs to you, Ludwig! Mike Floyd