Location: VA
Age: 2.5
Sex: female spayed
Weight: 23 lbs
Kids: yes, older 8+ and dog savvy
Cats: yes
Dogs: yes
Fenced Yard: not required
Adoption Fee: $550
“Matilda is a beautiful, sweet-tempered young Frenchie. She loves to play and be around everyone; she is a cuddler and enjoys sleeping on your lap. She is mild mannered and does not bark often.”

Matilda has had a rather dramatic early life, having been rescued from the streets of Turkey along with a few other Frenchies. Immigration is a huge change for anyone, but she has adjusted well and is ready to set down some roots in this new land.

Matilda’s foster family reports that she is a very sweet and happy young dog. She gets along with dogs, cats, and children, although her foster family points out that she can be territorial about her food. They have been feeding her separately from the other dogs, and that seems to solve the problem! Future canine siblings should be calm, but it might be best if she were the only dog in the household. In any event, dogs in the home should have a laid back, easy going, friendly demeanor. Be sure to tell us in detail why you think your dog might work with a former stray in your application for her. Because she is careful about her food--not surprising, given her hungry history on the streets--we will not place Matilda in a home with young children who might wander too near her bowl or whose fingers might get a little nip if they are holding something irresistibly tasty too close to Matilda's level. Dog-savvy kids 8 and over should be tall enough and experienced enough to avoid these pitfalls. Tell us about your children's experience with dogs in your application.

Otherwise, this little pied gal is low maintenance. She loves to play with her toys or with other dogs, and then settle down in a lap for some cuddles. Apartment living would suit her fine, since she is not a barker, and her quiet nature would be great in an office! She also would love a fenced yard, as the foster family has her going out every four hours to help establish a housebreaking routine.

Matilda is very much a homebody. Car rides make her queasy, anyway. But who needs to go out when this loving gal is at home?

“Matilda is a beautiful, sweet-tempered young Frenchie. She loves to play and be around everyone; she is a cuddler and enjoys sleeping on your lap. She is mild mannered and does not bark often.”

Matilda is anxiously awaiting the first scents of spring to come wafting over the Shenandoahs. If you think Matilda could be the magnolia in your bouquet, apply for her!

FBRN dogs are in foster care in people's private homes. For the foster families' safety, we do not disclose specific locations, and we don't set up meet and greets prior to applications. For detailed information about the dogs in our care, please read the extensive bios on each dog.


Matilda was a stray, medical history unknown. In our care, Matilda has had a history of mild skin infections that must be monitored for recurrence. She has chronic thickening of left eye membrane (nictitans), sometimes called "cherry eye", which needs to be monitored.

Potty training is a work in progress. She may not yet be housetrained by the time the application process is complete, so applicants should be aware that they may have to continue her training. Matilda is a resource guarder so must never be around small children. She must be monitored during feeding and when toys are present. A slow intro is required--even if dogs are laid back-- if there are other dogs in the home. The slow intro is less about your friendly dogs, and it's more about allowing this poor dog whose life has been topsy-turvy for a while now, to settle in to the smells, the sounds, the rhythms of the new house. Slow introductions are the kindest way to acclimate your dog to a new environment.

Matilda was successfully treated for Giardia in November 2019.



Love this little Matilda! Such a cute face. Good luck with her foster. Jennifer Nagle

Hope your transition goes well, sweet girl! HEATHER GRIER

Matilda is such a cutie! I hope she finds a happy home soon. Christine