Location: CT
Age: 4
Sex: neut male
Weight: 40 lbs
Kids: 12+, dog-savvy, particularly good with energetic, demanding dogs
Cats: no
Dogs: yes, all kinds, especially energetic
Fenced Yard: preferred
Adoption Fee: $350

Percival was surrendered to FBRN because his owners could not handle his separation anxiety. He also had serious skin and regurgitation problems that have cleared up with palate resection and a low-fat diet that avoids his allergy triggers. Adopters should be prepared to address his tail and facial folds with daily wiping and to give him regular, medicated baths. He also gets Cytopoint injections to control his allergic reactions and to prevent the return of any regurgitation problems.

Sadly, this happy Frenchie is allergic to cats, so he can't be near them. He also can't sleep in bed with his people because he's allergic to skin cells. Wool and feathers also set him off, so he should avoid furniture cushions stuffed with down--and pillows, of course--and wool rugs and blankets.

This forty-pound 4-year-old boy is a huge Frenchie--possibly even a Frenchie/English mix. His foster mom says some of his personality characteristics are more English than French. He has a tendency to be obsessive with toys and with objects, such as, for instance, the garden tools you may be working with. Put down the rake for a moment and Percy will grab it and make it his own. If you have owned an English bulldog, you will understand and be familiar with these traits, which are not nearly as common in Frenchies.

His foster mom says his comical personality makes him seem like a cartoon character, he is just a wonderful rough-and-tumble dog with lots of stamina who loves to give kisses and is very affectionate and charming. He will make his person feel the center of his universe. But don't be charmed into allowing him to get too worked up. Owners must be able to keep an eye on him and put him away for some rest when he needs it, or he could literally die of having too much fun. His foster mom is looking for an adopter with the kind of personality that can be an authority figure and will have the self-control to keep Percy from being adorable to death. He is good about his enforced rest times. His foster mom says he is rather a one-person dog, very loyal and committed to an owner, so her preference is for a one-person family, but other families will be considered, particularly if the family has English or bully experience.

Percival gets along very well with all kinds of dogs, but he really enjoys dogs that will play with him. He's not a dominant dog, but he is pushy when it comes to demanding play and in obsession over toys. Owners have to be willing to keep an eye on him while he is playing with his pals and put him in his crate for rest. He's a go-go-go boy, and it really doesn't matter how much exercise he gets in the day, in the evening he does not settle down easily.

One thing Percy loves is the water. He's attracted like a moth to a bug-zapper, and he has no sense. If you have a pool, you must have him in a life vest and there should be a pool alarm. He's a mad man. However, he is housebroken, crate-trained, and knows obedience commands.

A home with a fenced yard is preferred. City life and apartment living is not ideal for Percy, since he loves to play outdoors and walk cool, shady streets. He might be a candidate for office dog, but he'd have to be kept busy or he might make a pest of himself; he's a very social animal.

Percy's love of exercise and his sensitivity to overheating mean a home in a more northern area with milder temperatures is likely best.

His foster mom thinks a potential adopter should be prepared to meet Percival before taking him home.

At forty pounds, Percy is far too big to fit under a seat, so flying is out of the question. If you are already singing, "When a Man Loves a Bulldog" to yourself, fill out an application--you know you won't be able to keep your mind on nothin' else.

FBRN dogs are in foster care in people's private homes. For the foster families' safety, we do not disclose specific locations, and we don't set up meet and greets prior to applications. For detailed information about the dogs in our care, please read the extensive bios on each dog.

FBRN does not ship dogs as cargo, so adopters are expected to pick up their dogs from their foster family.


Percival has several allergies and must remain on his current diet, regular Cytopoint injections, continue with his supplements, and have regular medicated baths. He is allergic to cats so must never be around them. Percival is allergic to human epithelia, feathers and wool so must not sleep in the human bed, and avoid feather pillows, down and wool blankets, and wool rugs.

Percival has a history of skin and ear infections that must be monitored for recurrence. His tail pocket requires routine maintenance.

Percival has brachycephalic airway syndrome which means his throat could close up and he could die if he breathes too hard for too long or he gets overheated. He had a palate resection on 01.14.2019. He must wear a harness when going for walks, never a collar or choke chain.



For Percival: Percy, you are one special boy. Whoever gets the privilege of giving you a forever home will hit the lottery. I love you buddy, and I am so fortunate to have been a part of your journey. I am so grateful to FBRN for helping you get healthy and live your life to the fullest! Jill Poschmann

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This is for Percival/Percy being fostered by Kim Barnett. Please assign it to his medical bills. Janet Day

For Percy from Candi Nilsson

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This is for Percy from Grad Max. Hope he feels better soon.

Dear Percy! Please get your foster momma to buy you some treats with Mabel’s (2009 grad Bristol) pawllowance- one requirement is that you need to share with Shorty and the rest of the gang!!! Bacon preferred! We think you are the cutest boy in CT!!! Melanie Bennett

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get better soon Percy. marguerite case