Location: OK
Age:7 years
Sex:Neutered male
Weight:29 pounds
Fenced Yard: No preference
Adoption Fee:$500
“Rhys is a real ‘people dog’ and will really bond with the right person who loves him a lot.”

Rhys has a bite history.

Rhys came to FBRN when his heartbroken previous owner moved into assisted living and learned she could not take him with her. They had been together since Rhys was a puppy and it was obvious that she loved this boy very much and took very good care of him. Rhys has only some minor food allergies and a bit of joint stiffness, not uncommon as a middle-aged French gentleman.

Currently, Rhys lives with and enjoys the company of three foster fur siblings and routinely joins in their shenanigans. He also loves stuffies (and is the rare Frenchie that doesn’t destroy them), Nylabones and a good game of tug with the resident French bulldog puppy. Although not originally a ball player, Rhys is learning the ropes of America’s pastime from the dog sidekicks in his foster home as well.

We need to note that Rhys had a biting incident in a previous home involving a teenager. Although there was no broken skin, we consider this a bite history that adopters should know about. He also expressed displeasure early on in his foster home by growling when his foster dad tried to gently remove him from a chair. In this case, he corrected well, and seems to be learning that humans call the shots. Because of these experiences, we are looking for an adult-only home to ensure that no future incidents occur, with a strong, confident owner who is committed to continuing to train and guide Rhys so he understands his place in the pack. We are looking for a home without anyone under 18 and without young visitors.

Rhys is a sensitive frog who has exhibited signs of some mild separation anxiety in his foster home. This has led to the demonstration of what French ulldog aficionados call the “Frenchie Death Yodel.” Fortunately, he does eventually settle down after his humans leave, although he’s not a fan of alone time. But then, what Frenchie is? Rhys is crate-trained, but foster dad reports that this well-mannered boy is not a destructive pup, and would prefer to have run of the house. He is also well-versed in house manners, and while his adoptive home should prepare for a little back-sliding and boundary-testing as he settles in to new surroundings, he should respond well to structure and encouragement.

A home where someone is home during the day would be optimal for Rhys, especially because he is such a lover of humankind. An office environment might not be the best place for him, as the unpredictability of that environment might cause some anxiety for this sensitive frog.

The only ongoing health concerns that adopters need to be aware of are his joint stiffness, food allergies and (probably related to the allergies) a history of ear infections. Rhys is currently on a special diet that his adoptive home should be prepared to continue, and regular ear maintenance is also needed to keep his auditory equipment in tip-top shape.

Rhys is rumored to “hate” car rides (side note: we are still awaiting test results to determine if Rhys is actually a genuine dog) but his foster family has taken him for short trips and he seemed quite fine with those outings. Probably nothing a few stops at the “magic window” (that’s the drive-through at the local burger place for the uninitiated) won’t fix.

Foster mom has enjoyed her time with this sweet man and sums him up thusly: “Rhys is a real ‘people dog’ and will really bond with the right person who loves him a lot.”

FBRN makes a great effort with every one of our fosters to find the perfect forever home. But with Rhys, we are even more inspired to find just the right landing spot that will take care of him and love him as much as his original mom did. Are you that spot? Could you be his new person?

If you think so, click on the link above to submit an application. The humans chosen to adopt Rhys need to be “OK” with Oklahoma, as that’s where he is currently residing. And be prepared to make frequent stops at the “magic window” on your way home. At 29 pounds (most of them pure love saved up to give to his forever humans), Rhys is too big to fly.

FBRN dogs are in foster care in people's private homes. For the foster families' safety, we do not disclose specific locations, and we don't set up meet and greets prior to applications. For detailed information about the dogs in our care, please read the extensive bios on each dog.

FBRN does not ship dogs as cargo. Except in rare or unusual cases, adopters are expected to pick up their dogs from their foster family. In rare or unusual cases, FBRN may be able to assist in transporting a dog to a volunteer near the adopter's home, but the expense of transporting the dog must be the responsibility of the adopting party.






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