Location: Southern CA
Age: 10 years
Sex: Neutered male
Weight: 25 lbs.
Kids: Yes, 12 and older, dog savvy
Cats: No
Dogs: Yes, if friendly and about his size (see bio)
Fenced Yard: Required
Adoption Fee: $250
"I genuinely envy whoever adopts this quirky, cuddly, clever boy. Whether he is dribbling his basketball in the yard, or expressing through interpretive dance how he feels about dinner, he makes me smile every day. He might not be young. He might not be pretty. But he is a character."

He teaches old dogs new tricks. Fleas refuse to bite him, purely out of respect. Mailmen fight to deliver packages to his door. He is . . . The Most Interesting Dog in the World . . . and he is available for adoption!

Zydeco's tale is better suited for the pages of a novel than the website of a rescue group. A few years back, a person traveling in the Philippines spied a filthy, skinny French bulldog crammed into a crate at an outdoor market. That dog was Zydeco, and we can only guess how he managed to end up in such dire circumstances. Zydeco's new friend brought him back to the United States, fattened him up, and had every intention of making Zydeco a permanent member of the household. However, he soon realized that his job--which required frequent travel--was keeping Zydeco from getting the attention he deserved. He made the selfless decision to surrender Zydeco to FBRN, but not before Zydeco saved the lives of five people by barking and waking them when a fire broke out in the middle of the night. The blaze destroyed the house and everything inside of it, but thanks to Zydeco, all of the human occupants escaped safely. Zydeco nearly didn't make it out himself, but his friend ran back inside the burning house to save Zydeco's life and repay the favor. So if you want to see the face of a hero, look no further than the handsome smooshy face at the top of this page!

After a brief stint in foster care, it seemed Zydeco's journey had come to an end. He was adopted by a wonderful new guardian, who had him for two happy years. But then tragedy struck, as Zydeco's adopter suffered a sudden and debilitating illness that left her unable to care for her beloved little dog. So at nine years old, Zydeco, International Dog of Mystery, returned to FBRN for another go at the perfect forever home.

During Round 2 of foster care, he was diagnosed with Cushing's disease, a disorder of the endocrine system that causes overproduction of certain hormones. Unfortunately for Zydeco, he was overly sensitive to the Cushing's medication Vetoryl, and came close to having an Addison's crisis.  Addison's disease, which is basically the opposite of Cushing's disease, requires medication and lifestyle adjustments. Zydeco currently is not being medicated because he is only borderline Addisonian, but he needs to be monitored for signs of an Addison's crisis and for signs that his Cushing's disease is returning.  Potential adopters must have the financial means to provide him with the medical care he may need in the future for either Addison's disease or for Cushing's disease.

Zydeco also has a history of urinary tract issues. To keep him from suffering painful infections (and, by extension, to prevent unwanted puddles inside the house), Zydeco needs frequent potty breaks (every 3-4 hours), a special wet food diet (shaken, not stirred), and a dietary supplement called L-methionine. His urine pH should be tested every few days (test strips are available online or at the drug store), and if the pH is too low, he can simply discontinue the L-methionine for a couple of days. Easy peasy.

Zydeco's perpetual wink is the result of an injury, which caused an ulcer and necessitated removal of the eye. We're not sure how he got the injury in the first place (fighting crime and the forces of evil, no doubt) but Zydeco doesn't seem to mind--it just adds to his swashbuckling, debonair charm. The missing eye does cause him some problems with depth perception, however, so care must be taken when he goes up and down stairs. Zydeco's new family should also be aware that when he is deeply relaxed or asleep, he occasionally drops a little nugget of poop. "I saved five people's lives," says Zydeco, "cut me some slack!"

Now that he's had enough adventures for twelve lifetimes, Zydeco is looking for a calm, quiet home where he can reminisce about times past and get lots of snuggles with his people. Avoiding stress is very important with Addison's dogs.  He doesn't like loud noises or sudden movement, so young children and other small animals (including cats) are out of the question. As for other dogs, well, it's complicated. Before his Cushing's diagnosis, Zydeco was known to bully his canine sister during stressful situations, such as a trip to the vet or the boarding kennel. His odd behavior may have been caused by his yet-undiagnosed hormonal imbalance (which is now under control), but it's hard to say, since even now he is snarky toward larger dogs when he sees them at the vet. At his foster home, however, Zydeco has been cuddly and affectionate with his Frenchie foster sisters, as well as the resident bullmastiff. In general, he tends to be wary of (and attempt to discipline) dogs who are hyper and silly, but with dogs who are forceful and confident he is much more submissive. We think that with sloooo-oooow introductions, Zydeco could coexist just fine with a laid-back, friendly dog of about his size. Just make sure that they're fed separately, because Zydeco does not care for other dogs sniffing around his dinner plate, please and thank you.

When he's not fast asleep on the nearest soft object, Zydeco enjoys car rides, short walks outside and a nice Himalayan chew or antler. (Stuffed animals are unfortunately off limits, as Zydeco disembowels them at a truly disturbing speed and has been known to swallow the odd ear, tail or eyeball.) And while he's generally a relaxed, mellow boy, all bets are off when he sees his very most favorite toy of all--a basketball. Zydeco dribbles and chases his b-ball like a bat-eared Steph Curry, until he's ready to fall over from exhaustion. For that reason, a fenced yard is a must--Zyedeco needs a safe, enclosed spot to play basketball, and care must be taken that he not overexert himself.

Zydeco would love someone who stays home during the day (what dog wouldn't?) but he'd also be fine with a dog walker or going to work with his person (so long as the office is calm and quiet and he's the only dog there). The most important thing is that Zydeco needs to be let out every 3-4 hours to use the bathroom, so a single visit from the dog walker over the course of a 9-10 hour day just won't work for him. Zydeco has also requested that his adopter have a demonstrable talent in belly rubbing, ear scratching, and back petting. We don't think that will be a problem!

No one knows Zydeco better than his two-times-over foster mom, and she says, "I genuinely envy whoever adopts this quirky, cuddly, clever boy. Whether he is dribbling his basketball in the yard, or expressing through interpretive dance how he feels about dinner, he makes me smile every day. He might not be young. He might not be pretty. But he is a character."

Can you give our hero dog a place to call his own? If you think you're qualified to be Zydeco's sidekick, fill out an application by clicking on the link below and tell us why. Just be prepared to travel—Zydeco is sinking clutch three-pointers in Southern California, and will not be shipped.

FBRN does not ship dogs as cargo. Adopters are expected to pick up their dogs from their foster family.

FBRN dogs are in foster care in people's private homes. For the foster families' safety, we do not disclose specific locations, and we don't set up meet and greets prior to applications. For detailed information about the dogs in our care, please read the extensive bios on each dog.


Videos of Zydeco:

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