Junior-Vol-logo.jpgThe FBRN Jr. Volunteers is a program for interested children, ages 4-18, with the goal of creating awareness of, compassion for, and assistance to the many dogs in need that go through the French Bulldog Rescue Network system. Being aware of these dogs and helping them gives young people an opportunity to learn the importance of volunteering and how they can make a big difference in others’ lives.

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Who Benefits:

*YOUR activity may be highlighted on the FBRN Jr. Volunteers Facebook page or mentioned on the FBRN Blog!

*Teen volunteers… These activities can become part of your college application. Schools like seeing active participation in volunteer organizations.

*Tadpoles… Fun, fun, fun & helping frenchies!


Information & Activities

image3.JPGThere are a number of independent activities which an FBRN Jr. Volunteer may do. Please do keep a few things in mind:

*All activities done for FBRN must be approved in advance. Contact Jr. Volunteer Coordinator, Kathi Lujack at

*All projects should mention the following: "Proceeds to benefit French Bulldog Rescue Network". This can be done on a flyer, invitation, poster (or something of the like).

*FBRN does not assume any liability or expenses involved with any of the activities done.

*Any monies collected during the activity should be documented quickly and sent in a timely fashion to FBRN. Contact Laurie S. at to find out how!


Junior Volunteer Activity Ideas

*Have your Birthday Party be an FBRN themed party. Ask that your guests bring gifts that you can send to a needy foster dog (or to your very own foster dog if you've a foster pal!).

*Special tadpole activity… Play "pin the nubbin on the frenchie!".

*Link to FBRN from your Facebook page.

*Open a lemonade stand or have a car wash.

*Spearhead a class or school Dog Toy Drive. Challenge your favorite other class or school… See who can collect the most toys.

*Create a Care Package for a needy foster dog.

*Design a greeting card for sending well wishes to a specific foster dog. (Personalize and color one of the JV Color Corner drawings!)

*Organize a Penny Drive. Penny Wars is a game that can be competed between schools, grade levels or home rooms. (Please don't send the pennies though… Have them exchanged for a check or money order.)


Foster Pals

Help 'your' very own foster dog! When you join FBRN Jr. Volunteers, we will pair you up with a current foster family. You will learn about the foster dog, why they are in FBRN's care, and their needs. We will send you a list of possible activities so you can help out, or you can come up with ideas of your own. Your foster dog's family will stay in touch with you to let you know what's going on as you work together to get your dog ready to go to the Available Page!

If YOU'D like to join the FBRN Junior Volunteers, please click on the link below, and follow the instructions for filling out an application!

For more information or questions about the Junior Volunteer Program, contact FBRN Jr. Volunteer Coordinator, Kathi Lujack at

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