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Date posted: 2/15/20
Location: NJ

Everyone hold onto your hats (and if you don’t have one - you may want to go buy one).

Introducing: A. Puppy!

Abercrombie was surrendered, along with his sibling, by a breeder because of a dermoid cyst on his eye.

At 9 weeks old, Abercrombie has received a clean bill of health despite his designer coloring. And if the cyst causes issues, it is easily removed. Our gain and their loss.

Now, how many hours does it take for a puppy to figure out how to be completely spoiled while in FBRN foster? We hear from Abercrombie it’s less than 48 hours. He has found all the comfy spots in the home, is learning the appropriate area in which to potty, and is freely giving unlimited puppy kisses.

Growing up and learning proper manners doesn’t come cheap, so if you have set aside any funds for Valentine’s day, please consider sponsoring Abercrombie as your Valentine. There’s nothing better than puppy breath kisses of appreciation.


Happy Valentine's Day Abercrombie! Tonicarol Principe

Don’t let that eye stop you from taking on the world! Libby Hendren

Abercrombie, I can't believe you're right here in NJ! I'm in Monmouth County, wonder where you are?? Hope to meet you one of these days little one! The De Lalla Family

Hi kiddo! Mariah Beermann-Ahmed

Hi, Abercrombie! We live in the same state! Hope you are enjoying your time with your foster family so far. Sending you hugs and kisses. Sarah & Patrick :)

Hannah Fenton

What a handsome lil fur-baby. Sending a little something your way hoping it helps your foster mom spoil you even more! Raelynn Ainsworth

Samantha Nissan

Kelly Wendell

Tina Lukas

Katherine Bibee

You are too cute not to donate! Hoping you get all the funds you need to be 100% healthy! Elise Le Branti

Abercrombie get healthy quick baby boy!! Can't wait to meet you. . I have a frenchie jersey girl waiting for a playmate. Debby and babygirl Rae

Sounds just like my Puggers. Nasty breeder surrender due to a hernia which was promptly fixed when he was fixed. Now he is an awesome 12 YO boy who sleeps on my lap or by my feet all day everyday!Hang in there!A loving forever fam is around corner!xoxo Jennifer Luckie

Nancy Saxton-Lopez

phil maass

Abercrombie, you are just adorable! Welcome to NJ! John Rotta

Here’s a little bit to help out little Abercrombie. I’d love to be considered for your forever home one day. Randi Peck

You are so adorably cute! Every little bit counts! Danielle Crudele

Debi RUS

Please use this towards helping Abercrombie. We love him. Christi Morgan

Abercrombie hope you're growing up strong. My little Frenchie is turning 2 soon and would really love a baby brother for her birthday xoxo - Jena

Abercrombie you have my heart. I love your sweet little face. I hope you and your little brother Hollister live you best lives in happy happy homes xoxo Tara Bonino

You are amazing!!! If you need a forever home, I would be honored to interview to be your dog mom :) Nicole Wasson

Sweet little Abercrombie this is in loving memory of our sweet boy Louie. We love you little boy. Tara Bonino

Michelle Nussbaum

Abercrombie you are just the most precious little thing! I know this isn’t much but I hope it helps a little! Lauren carbone

My family would love to give you a forever home!! We’re definitely trying to rescue a frenchie! Melissa Coleman

For you Abercrombie To get a special little toy to enjoy. I Love that face sweet boy. I Hope you’re getting healthy and growing big and strong. XO’s Tara Bonino

Matthew Arseneault

Hopefully this helps get some of your favorite treats or toys! Love, Andrea and Joey