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Date posted: 9/21/19
Location: GA

How does a sassy, sweet, and petite Frenchie like Agnes end up with FBRN? Two dreaded words - dirofilaria immitis. Even in another language, “heartworm” sounds foreboding.

Despite this *preventable* diagnosis (once-a-month vet-prescribed oral preventative), Agnes is settling into her new foster home like a champ. She got a bath and looked utterly adorable soaking wet. Her skin and ears seem to be in great condition.

“Agnes” might not be the most athletic name but she is proving to be quite the escape artist, jumping over a 4-foot-tall kennel gate. And once the “roof” was installed, she figured out how to open the door, so it’s now secured with a bungee cord. If she gets out now, we’ll change her name to Houdini. Foster mom will be working on increasing her comfort in a crate.

Treating heart worm is an expensive and lengthy process and Agnes doesn’t have insurance. Any amount donated is more than she had before, so please click on her picture to sponsor her. And being sick isn’t fun, so she'd love it if you'd leave some inspiring messages for Agnes’ journey to health. Salud!


Agnes, you can do it! Get well soon!  suzette graben

Hope the treatment is not too hard on you, you are worth it and precious , Beth a rescue mom

kelly links

Hope you feel better soon, beautiful Agnes! Caitlin Dale

Jean Suber-Smith

For Agnes, we hope you feel better soon! Here is some shopping $ for treats and toys, shopping always makes me feel better! Cassie & Frenchie Mason

Victor Cuevas

Hope you get better soon. Casey Hamm

For help towards Agnes’ treatment. I love your organization and will be submitting an application. Thanks for all that you do to help these fur babies! Jamie Hoelscher

From one Agnes to another, you are ADORABLE. Hope this helps your fund & get well soon. Maybe someday we'll be sisters :) Agnes Zacarias

For Agnes - I know what it's like to be homeless & not very well! Things got better for me and I KNOW they will for you too with your kind foster family until your forever home ❤ it's not much but hopefully will get you a tasty treat or stuffed toy to snuggle. Can't wait to see your photo & find out what you look like! Love Brida, my husband Jacob, our son Archer & our kitties Jitsu & Brazil.

Don't be blue; get well soon Agnes! Jamie Hoelscher

 Emily Clanton

Agnes. . . I'm going to keep my eye on you little one! You are the Frenchie twin to my boxer mix Zoe. . . and you poor thing. I know how hard it is to keep you quiet during your heartworm treatment. Hang in there sweetie! Christine Rohde

Praying strength to overcome this disease. Blessed are the Pure in heart, for they will see God. Matt 5:8 Kimberly Ralph

Sweet Agnes! I have been watching you since they first brought you in. I was hoping you’d still be available when my husband and I were able to have a dog. Feel better soon and I will have my application in for as soon as you’re ready! Xoxo, Katelyn Boys

omar lozano