Date posted: 12/30/17
Location: California

Akira came to FBRN after she was sprung from the shelter. This 8-year-old girl has had at least one c-section and might have some skin allergies. Akira is currently being treated for skin infections and her horribly infected, damaged ears. Her lymph nodes were swollen, but the vet thinks that it could be from her ear issues. She has a follow-up visit coming up soon, and hopefully everything will come back just fine.

Aside from those items Akira is an absolute doll. This girl loves to cuddle and follow a human around everywhere they go. Akira has no problem going outside to do her business. She currently gobbles her food up, but then what Frenchie girl doesn't love food? She gets along famously with her Frenchie foster sibling. Among the items that Akira treasures are her Nylabones and stuffies. She's a wonderful little Frenchie.

If you have a couple spare dollars lying around the house, please consider donating to Akira for the cost of her vet visits or for a new bone or stuffy. All you need to do is click on the link to sponsor her. Thank you!


Sponsoring Akira! Get well sweet girl! Jody Wilkinson

Speeding recovery and adoption sweet girl! Lynn Jacobson

Hope you feel better soon. Iggy and Lola Woods.

Akira, you are beautiful. I can't wait to see you flourish and will be anxiously awaiting your move to the Adoption page!!! Rebekah Tully

Happy 2018 Akira!! We know you’ll have the best year ever! We love you, Ollie & Bessie

For Akira to have better days ahead, from CeeCee