Date posted: 7/7/19
Location: MN

Welcome back to FBRN, Al! Al is a former FBRN grad who was surrendered back to us, as his family is currently unable to give Al the time and attention they feel he deserves. Al is around 6 years old.

Al is so mellow that a 5-year-old can walk him. Nothing fazes Al. Al is "v. chill" according to the teens in his foster home. Kids love him and argue over who gets to sleep next to him at sleepovers. Al likes to snuggle. Al likes all kids.

Al likes all other dogs, and they like him. He plays well with others. Al loves to be with people. He is a big ol' lovebug. He loves to meet new folks! Everyone loves Al.

Al loves food. Al is a bit portly at 36+ pounds. He is currently having a bit of itchy skin, so we will get that checked out. Al loves toys. He loves chomping on a good Nylabone or a Kong and he is obsessed with having a stuffie with him at all times. Al also likes to nap. Napping is good.

Al is a Very Good Boy. If you'd like to contribute towards this good boy's care, please click on the banner above to sponsor him. Al thanks you in advance for your kindness, and wants you to know that he loves you, too.


Alicia Lawlor