Date posted: 4/30/17
Location: MN

Four-year-old Alfalfa has had a rough spring! He injured his back and became paralyzed, and he had surgery on his hind end in March. But he’s recovered well and is gaining lots of strength as he hops and scoots around on his front legs. He’s waiting to get a new set of wheels, which will give him so much more mobility (and speed!) once he gets going!

We’ll find out more about his general health once the vet checks him over, but he seems to be in fine form, aside from needing help toileting and being underweight. His foster family switched him to a raw diet, which he finds very appetizing, so it’s only matter of time before he’s a nice and meaty and ready for adoption.

Alfalfa’s got his basics down: crate-trained, and knows sit, stay, and down. His personality is classic Frenchie, with a huge love of people and a generally friendly way with other dogs and cats. He loves chewing on his Himalayan bone and is keeping quiet until he starts his rehab.

Alfalfa is doing great, but will likely need special care for his injury. If you’d like to contribute to his recovery, click his photo to sponsor Alfalfa! Thank you!




Teresa Caudle

Please divide this donation among Alfalfa, Iverson, Gizmo and Romply. We hope this helps these adorable little frogs with medical needs or some new toys. Sending lots of love to you cuties! J&K

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Sending lots of love from Rin & Crew!