Date posted: 12/1/18
Location: VA

Meet our newest spunky and sassy senior, Anja! After her owner died, she was taken in by the neighbors, but she hasn’t been adapting well to life on their farm with all the grass (she’s allergic), animals, and another dog, so she was surrendered to FBRN.

Perhaps city life will suit Anja better. She is getting the lay of the land in her new foster home and absolutely loves her 5-year-old human foster sister. If she’s not lying on or near her humans, she might be found tearing apart some stuffies or carrying around her beloved tennis ball.

Anja has had a vet visit and, in addition to allergies, she might be fighting a urinary tract infection. If your piggy bank is full from all the money you saved shopping Black Friday deals, consider sponsoring sweet Anja as she adjusts to foster life. Destuffing stuffies and managing allergies can be expensive ventures. She thanks you for your support!


To help you, Gremlin, get the help you need to get ready to join your forever family. Cyndi and Hal