Date posted: 7/21/18
Location: Ottawa

Look at her sweet face, the chubby puppy belly, and THOSE EARS! Our 11-week-old Artisan is a one-of-a-kind cutie!

Sadly, no matter how adorable, a puppy is a serious investment in time, effort, and patience. Her previous owners weren’t prepared for the tremendous task of raising a youngster--it's kind of something you can't prepare for, and people don't know what they don't know when they get a pup. Like all other puppies, Artisan is energetic and needs supervision and training. But her foster mom (we are all so jealous!) reports that she is a fun and outgoing gal who loves her toys--good news, since being toy-motivated will make training a little easier. Artisan is working on crate and potty training, and is making good progress with both.

Artisan doesn’t seem to have any health issues; she is a typical young Frenchie with a lot of joie de vivre and a bright future ahead of her. She is MAGNIFIQUE *kisses fingers*. Feel free to donate to the "puppy needs new toys" fund for Artisan by clicking on her photo. Puppies go through a LOT of stuffies. Thank you!


Here's some toy fund money, Artisan. Hope you pick out some great ones! Our Zeus loves to destroy stuffies. Amanda Stubblefield

Bonjour Artisan!!! I hope this helps but you some lovely toys and treats! I am a Frenchie mom myself and know just how much you darlings love your toys.  au revoir pour l'instant mon ami!! Angelina Frangiosa

Cj Paek

Hi This is Ellie. Hope this gets you some toys and treats to help you have fun. I got the best mom in the world from FBRN and I am now 12 1/2 and so happy.

Get yourself some new squeaky toys, pretty girl!! lauren decker

Alexandra Solofra

Hi sweet girl, I know you love your toys so here is a present! - Heidi Curtis, NB Canada

Hi Artisan! We hope this donation goes towards some great chew toys and stuffies! Eva Ostrzyzek

Hopefully you can get your self a nice new toy with this! Sending love from Ontario, Canada -Emily

For some fun toys for this sweetheart! Dominique Dietz

Sweet girl Artisan, hope this gets you some yummy treats or a new stuffie to snuggle. Love, Mom to Moose, Baci and Alex (our human)

Hello precious baby .. hoping this will help with some needed toys and supplies .. sending smiles and good thoughts .. from (hopefully) your new Dad and Sister .. David and Poundcake 

This is for Artisan. I hope this helps you grow up to be the happiest Frenchie ever! Michelle Rounsaville

Nathaniel McCune

Hi sweet baby! We are donating to your toy fund in memory of our sweet Devina and Calvin. A brother and sister who unfortunately were too sick to be here on Earth for long. Live life like someone left the gate open sweet baby. For the full story of Calvin and Devina please visit Calvin's Adventures on Facebook. Pamela Harman