Date posted: 4/13/18
Location: MN

Little old man Baker is 9 years old, and the unfortunate victim of a perfect storm of house, child, and vet expenses. Now he's here with us, loving his foster family and waiting for a home that will love him forever.

So far, we know that this guy is a cuddle-monster and hates being left alone. He seems to love his foster-humans and canine foster-siblings, although he still appears uncomfortable around younger children. His foster mom is keeping a close eye on him and working on his reactiveness around kids.

Baker does have a number of health issues, including apparent spine issues, skin allergies, hearing loss and possible Cushing’s disease. He still needs some follow-up treatment for his health issues, although his skin is already starting to improve with a better diet. Please click on his picture if you'd like to sponsor Baker and help him continue to improve!