Date posted: 5/27/18
Location: Louisiana

Your boyfriend’s back in town! At only 21-months-old, hunky Beaux is sure to attract his share of admirers in the Frenchie world. This big boy came to us when he started to assert his dominance with other male dogs in the home. His surrendering home made the call before any real damage could be done and we’re sure he’ll find the perfect home in the near future with only female sweethearts to adore him.

Beaux is quite the beau with his foster mom, giving her lots of attention and learning even more manners to become a popular man about town . He knows his “no’s” and is working on curbing his excitement with the humans since he doesn’t realize just how muscular he is. Beaux also loves his toys and has taught Foster Mom how he likes to play fetch….all the time! He also has been a very good boy by demonstrating his grasp of house training. Beaux is quite a dapper gent!

Beaux is settling into foster care and we’re learning more about him each day. We do know he’ll benefit from loving care, as all our Frenchies do while getting ready for their forever home. Please click on the link to donate to Beaux’s care and drop him a secret admirer word or two. Can’t you just picture him tipping his hat to you to say thank you?