Date posted: 6/2/17
Location: TN

A brindle pied hurricane has blown into FBRN, and his name is Benedict! This dapper little man is gogogo, all day, every day, full of vim and vigor and mischief and that unmistakable Frenchie charm.

Benedict came to FBRN because his family was doing some extensive traveling and was unable to take him along. At just a year-and-a-half old, he’s got the manners of a puppy, which is to say, none. He’s not much for listening to commands, and he thinks fingers and toes are meant for nibbling (“you mean they’re not?” says Benedict). Fortunately, he seems to be in great health, so his foster mom (aided by a few shots of espresso, no doubt) can focus on teaching him the ins and outs of being a good boy.

In the meantime, Benedict is having a grand old time tearing through the yard, jumping up on things that aren’t meant to be jumped up on, and charming the socks off of everyone he meets. He’s particularly fond of the kiddie pool, and likes to enjoy a nice long soak after a day of shenanigans.

This handsome boy came to FBRN with nary a cent to his name, so if you’d like to contribute to the Hurricane Benedict Fund, you can become his sponsor by clicking on the link above. He might even slow down for a second to send you a snort and a snuffle of thanks!




Teresa Caudle

Brian Daily

Amy Connell

For Hurricane B. You remind me of my beloved Frenchie. Good luck little buddy. Tracy Lahocki

My Ginger wanted to donate and hopefully have a brother soon! Kerilyn Johnson

You would love our Louis. Amy Jordan

Hi Benedict. Pinky wants a brother. Be good now. -The Joneses