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Date posted: 3/8/20
Location: VA


Bluesky, affectionately known as Sky, was with us at FBRN for far too short a period of time.  From the moment I met her, she had a graceful way about her.  She had obviously been the mother of many puppies, and may have even come to us with one of them.  She allowed her daughter/housemate to get the majority of attention while she quietly waited on the sidelines.  But after her daughter/housemate was adopted she quickly made herself a part of the family.  She was a country girl at heart!  When she came to the farm her love of nature and interest in new things really blossomed.  She rarely wanted to turn around and go back to the house.  She loved her walks and looking out over the cornfields, pastures, and up to the mountains.  And OH, that barn and barn cat just whispered to her each time we walked by, saying," come visit me, there is so much to explore."  She was so happy and had the cutest little butt wiggle any Frenchie could possibly have.  But alas, the tumor pressed on her windpipe and caused her to shorten her walks and time outside.  No matter, she was the best to share a seat with, and we did that most every evening.  In the short time we had her she was accepted by all the furry family members.  She was truly a member of our family; and as such, we mourn her loss terribly.  Her memory lives on in our hearts, her soul is surely in a better place, and her body is laid to rest on the very farm she grew to love so much.

Spring showers are nearly upon us, and it’s raining blue Frenchies! Please welcome Bluesky, who was surrendered along with her buddy, Bluebonnet.

So far, Bluesky has shown herself to be a people dog through and through. She thinks other dogs are okay, but really all she wants is cuddles and kisses and attention from her foster family. Fortunately, there is plenty of that to go around! There is also lots of adventure to be had at her foster parents’ farm, where Bluesky can’t get enough sniffing and exploring. Rumor has it she’ll be meeting the cows next week, and given her sweet personality, we think it’ll go well.

Bluesky is as loveable as the day is long, but her manners and training need some definite work. The first order of business is potty training, with leash walking and basic commands to follow. If you’d like to toss her a little support while she learns the ins and outs of being a house pet, why not become her sponsor? Bluesky will surely send you a snuffle and snort of thanks!


All the love and kisses to you sweet Bluesky! xoxoxo Jennifer Luckie

What a love this lady she is! Our 9yr old male frenchie would love to be a supportive and playful big brother. Hugs to all. Rachel Cringoli

Steve Mezzano