Date posted: 8/4/17
Location: MO

Who doesn't like a good mystery? Brigid, a sweet, cream-colored 26 pounder, comes with some unanswered questions, but she's in the right spot to write a new story! This 7-year-old cutie was surrendered, with another Frenchie now in foster care, by a family who downsized and wanted to find her a home who could give her more attention. 

She is quite shy and nervous but who wouldn't be in a brand-new environment? She is coming out of her shell with the resident dogs after slooooow introductions, but new or startling events or sounds send her scrabbling for her safe crate. She has a lot to learn: how to be loved by her foster family, how to trust her family, how to play with toys, how to walk on a leash, and how not to pee inside. She will also be seeing a vet to get a complete work up to make sure she is in tip-top shape when she hits the available page.

The name Brigid comes from a goddess associated with healing and that is what FBRN does: heals those who might not have a chance otherwise. She is a beautiful work in progress who has no money to her name and could really use some considering her schedule. Please consider sponsoring sweet Brigid by clicking on her picture. She thanks you for giving her chance at learning what it is like to be an adored member of the family.



Sweet girl it won't be long before you learn all about being a beloved Frenchie! Love from Rin & Crew

greg stanley

Here's to a sweet life for you, beautiful Brigid. Elisabeth Larson

Frank Costa