Date posted: 12/14/19
Location: MA

Give a warm welcome to Brooklyn! Brooklyn was one sick little puppy when he showed up at our door. He arrived in foster care with severe bloody diarrhea and was rushed to the emergency vet as soon as his foster mom picked him up. The poor little guy was so exhausted and in pain, but still very sweet and calm while the vet and technicians took care of him. After a few nights in the hospital, an ultrasound, endoscopy, colonoscopy, and countless episodes of diarrhea, he was finally diagnosed with severe ulcerative colitis. On the bright side, Mr. Brooklyn is starting to have a good response to his medications and is finally showing improvement. He is now settling in at his foster home, playing more and enjoying cuddles and belly rubs from everyone. Brooklyn was the center of attention during the Thanksgiving holiday festivities and he just loved it!

Mr. Brooklyn is still a very young pup and will be 2 years old in February. His foster mom says that he is a very sweet, loving, and playful puppy and it is obvious he was very loved in his previous home. His former owners said he loves all other animals and so far he has been friendly to all people he has encountered. In addition to being an adorable love nugget, Brooklyn is also a very smart boy! He is both housebroken and crate trained.

We are hopeful that Brooklyn's health will continue to improve and that he will be heading over to the available page soon. Brooklyn's medical care will be costing FBRN a pretty penny. If you can spare some change and would like to sponsor this little guy and help him on his way, just click on the link next to his adorable mug shot at the top of this page. He sends you all lots of love and Frenchie kisses too! Thank you!


He's adorable, we'd love for Brooklyn to be a part of our family and to give him his forever home! Tom & Kriti

We wish you a speedy recovery. Bernadette Valladares

Rebecca Ellis


From former FBRN Willy

You look like such a sweet, happy pup- stay strong, Brooklyn! Amber Senetza

cathy rumery

All the love little buddy! Thank you foster family for taking this sweet boy in. X-Stream Fibers

It was such a pleasure to meet you, sweet Brooklyn! You are an absolute treasure. From all these posts it seems you will have no trouble finding a forever home! So happy you’re feeling better and will be loved as you so much deserve. Kim Langlois

Our oldest daughter’s name is Brooklyn, so I think that means you’re destined to come live with us and our resident Frenchie when you’re ready! We would love to have you! Nicole Maccoy

Nada Polanco

God bless Brooklyn. Gina Szweda