Date posted: 6/24/17
Location: NV

Brace yourselves, Frenchie fans. FBRN’s newest boy is not for those with weak constitutions or for the faint of heart. If you are given to swooning, perhaps it’s best to look away for your own safety. For the rest of you willing to test your handsomeness tolerance, feast your eyes on a bona fide heartthrob…Bryce! This three-year-old black-masked fawn boy came to FBRN recently after he was diagnosed with epilepsy. Although his previous family adored him, they were concerned that their busy lives would prevent them from managing his condition as carefully as necessary, and made the loving decision to surrender him to FBRN. Bryce is not the first foster to come to FBRN with a seizure history, and we are confident that with a little time, we will find a regimen that will successfully treat his condition. Bryce also comes with a laundry list of allergies that need to be addressed as well. Such is life as a Frenchie.

Bryce originally hails from Southern California, but landed in a fantastic foster home in Nevada. While Bryce and his foster mom are still getting acquainted, she reports that he has sniffed her entire house from top to bottom and declared it “lovely and quite satisfactory” (his words) and is a super-fan of squeaky tennis balls (although really, who isn’t?) No word on his blackjack game, but it’s still early days. Speaking of which, Bryce arrived in Las Vegas with nary a nickel nor a chip to his name. If you are so inclined, click on the link, drop a few coins into his piggy bank, and advise him on splitting aces: yes or no?




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We love Bryce! APRIL GRAVES

Help to this adorable boy Bryce! Joelle Janish

Hi Bryce is some $$ to help pay for your medicine. Xox Duffy the French Bulldog