Buster Brown
Date posted: 11/24/18
Location: CO

Give a warm welcome to Buster Brown, a sweet boy who has found himself in FBRN foster care a second time. Buster Brown was adopted by a family several years ago and is now back with FBRN because they could no longer provide him with the care he needs.

Buster is a handsome guy that can suffer from anxiety and fear when he is unsure of new dogs or situations. Last time he was in foster care, he blossomed into a loving and confident dog when his foster family took him to training, socialized him with other bulldogs, and calmed his anxiety with daily medication. Now that he is back with his former foster family they will be bringing him in to the vet for a check up, getting him a new anxiety Rx, and begin refreshing his memory on all the manners he learned with them a few years ago.

So far, Buster has been getting reacquainted with the English Bulldogs in his foster home and they are getting along great! Buster does well with structure and rules, they help him feel safe and then he knows how to behave. Buster's foster mom has already started providing the structure he needs to get back on track. Luckily the bulldogs in his foster home all know how to follow the rules of the house and have been helping to keep Buster in check by teaching him the ropes.

Once Buster has relearned all of his manners, he will be ready to head on over to the available page. If you would like to sponsor this adorable boy and help him on his way, just click on the photo next to his handsome mug shot. He sends you all lots of love and Frenchie kisses!


Good boi! Sending my best wishes -- JG

Here's some incentive for relearning all of your manners - we're sure it will come back easily for you! Merry Christmas! Love, The Crosleys 

For Buster Brown, with love. Deborah Bassett