Date posted: 1/20/18
Location: Oklahoma

Oh, for the love of all things sweet and squishy, even this seasoned FBRN volunteer/bio writer succumbed to a case of the vapors upon seeing this little face peeking out from Foster Momma’s arms! Don’t fret, petite fille, everything is going to be just fine.

Canele was surrendered to FBRN after her owner became overwhelmed with the job of managing the elfin beauty’s allergies and ear infections while caring for a special needs child. Canele came to us with pages upon pages of vet reports, but, as you can plainly see, her allergies are far from being under control. Despite Canele’s obvious discomfort, her understandably smitten foster mom says that she has a lovely disposition. There is even a rumor circulating that she enjoys the company of kids, dogs and cats! We are quite sure that we would not be nearly so good humored if our toes were as itchy as hers are, but there you have it.

We are determined to work that FBRN magic, but it will not be as easy as waving a wand. Canele needs a great deal of TLC, high quality food, and veterinary care to determine the best course of action to get her allergies under control. She also needs to be spayed. Please consider becoming part of the team that brings this delightful little dog some much needed relief by clicking on the link and sponsoring her. When making your donation, you can leave a little note of encouragement for her, and it will be posted on her page! Thank you!


For Canele, from CeeCee

Julie Lagorio

Sweet Canele! You are going to love your foster parents. We loved ours when we had them. But wait until you get your new forever home - you'll love it even more! Bessie & Ollie

Canele, You are in great hands! I hope your allergies get better and you find a loving forever home. XOXO, Vinnie Chase & Pawrents.

Canele your beautiful face is sweet. With love, Pork and Beans.

For Canele - don’t worry girl it will get better -I know I was just like you & my forever mom got me better / Lila & pawparent Helen

Hugs to you. Mike Floyd