Date posted: 5/21/18
Location: Texas

Please welcome sweet and sassy Cardi to FBRN! Cardi is estimated to be about 7-years-old and has spent the majority of her life as a breeder. She was listed on Craigslist and purchased by a family who soon realized that they wouldn’t be able to manage Cardi’s severe skin issues.

We’re not quite sure just yet what is going on with this sweet girl’s skin, but she’ll get the help she needs in foster care and be in tip-top shape in no time! Even though Cardi is in poor physical condition, her spirits are high. She loves romping around in the backyard, cuddling on the couch…or in the bed, or the car, or wherever she can squeeze herself in! We’ve also discovered that Cardi will give kisses on command. She is just the sweetest!! Once her skin condition is stabilized and she grows her fur back, we know she'll be the apple of her forever family’s eye.

If you also think Cardi is the sweetest, please consider becoming her sponsor today. Her journey to get healthy is going to take some time and she would be thrilled to have your support and encouragement. Thank you!


For Cardi, from CeeCee, hoping you feel better soon

Cardi, you're in good hands now. Lots of love, Pork,Beans, Sprout & Tom Tom.

Sara Speaker McBee

To Cardi, You’re on your way to a better life! Annette Thornburgh

Hoping you feel better soon Cardi! Love Rhys, Bula and Fenway

Cardi- Get better soon! Sending you hugs and kisses. Love Utley and Ila