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Date posted: 9/14/18
Location: VA

Her name is Carmella and she is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S, yes!

You probably don't recognize Carmella, because she was just a wee thing when she came to FBRN 3 years ago. Once slated for euthanasia, this black-masked beauty was fixed up good as new and adopted out to a wonderful forever home. Sadly, Carmella's adoptive mom passed away. We plan to honor her memory by finding her beloved little dog a perfect new home, where Carmella will be just as loved and cherished.

Carmella was understandably anxious to find herself back in foster care, but it helped that her previous foster mom was more than willing to welcome this sweet girl back to her home. Not long after her arrival, Carmella began showing symptoms of airway trouble, so she underwent surgery on her nares and soft palate. Now she's breathing better, settling in, and beginning to show her true personality, which is that of a happy-go-lucky pup who wants to play play play!

This brave, beautiful girl will need to fully heal from her surgery before she can go on the Available Page. She could also stand to lose a few pounds, as her insatiable love of food has left her a bit, shall we say, roly-poly. (Don't worry, Carmella, we can relate!) If you'd like to support Carmella on this journey, please consider tossing a few figurative bones her way. (Carmella would probably prefer actual bones, but it's complicated to deposit those into our bank account.) And thank you so much for your support!


My rescue Frenchie Lola Mae sends her love to Carmella! Elizabeth Remsburg-Bell

Lots of Love from Rhode Island. Get well soon Carmella!!

For the wonderful and fabulous Carmella from another Frenchie who needs a sister @mocha1448 Instagram FBRN supporter in Boston, MA

Dearest Carmella, I had a nose job (and soft palate surgery) too which helps me breathe and grunt and short a little more easily now. I hope you're feeling better too! Love, your fellow frenchie Big B

I would imagine that these surgeries were not cheap. I hope she is doing well.  Don and Karen in Cackalacky

Tina Socinski

Carmella you touched my heart pretty girl Much love Pamela

Gorgeous Girl Much love Pamela

New squeaky toys for a handsome boy Much love Pamela

tell me more about carmella. Joanne Rauch

Get well soon Carmella! Elisabeth Rosenbaum