Date posted: 3/25/18
Location: Oklahoma


Sometimes, an owner changes their mind. That's what happened in Caruso's case, and a happy reunion occurred recently. We are delighted.


How many FBRN pups can be identified solely by their bums? Caruso, an absolutely adorable 2-year-old spitfire, might be the first one with her perfectly placed pigment. She was surrendered after her former family had a baby and they realized that a new baby and a rambunctious Frenchie at the same time was a bit too much.

What else is unique about sweet Caruso besides her distinct derrière? She is deaf, so her foster family will be brushing up on their hand signals and teaching Caruso some obedience. It was also reported that she might suffer from some allergies so foster mom will keep an eye out for any flare ups.

Caruso is pretty darn excited (and anxious) about her new digs but is slowly settling in. She does want to let the FBRN Board know, as loudly as possible with a very impressive operatic Frenchie death yodel (she's not bothered by it!), that she disagrees with one of the rules: slow introductions to resident pets. She knows there are other four-legged friends to meet (two dogs and two cats) and she doesn't mind voicing her opinion that sooner is better than later. 

As Caruso becomes more comfortable and confident in foster care, she is certain to blossom. If you would like to donate to her sign-language-education (and family ear-plug) fund, click on her sweet and sassy mug to become a sponsor. Thank you for supporting our special Frenchies.


Hey Sweet Caruso! Welcome to FBRN! You are going to LOVE it here! Here's a little something for your sign language classes. We Love You, Bessie & Oliver

Sarah Farris

Best wishes in your sign language education, Caruso! Love, the Binders/Lewis'

Hey sweet girl, my maiden name is Caruso so I simply can't pass up the opportunity to donate to your wellbeing. Sending much love to you! Jules Caruso

Best of luck, Caruso! Donating for my amazing mama, Sonia. She loves Frenchies (like her baby Louie) and I love her! Love, Morgan

Hey, sugar, i use sign language with my special needs preschool kids. Its great! Stacey VanHouten