Date posted: 8/27/17
Location: NV

It's music to our ears! Miss Cello has joined the FBRN foster orchestra after being rescued from a local shelter. See, at only 11 months, this sweet gal already has street-life experience and unfortunately bit a Good Samaritan who was trying to catch her.

Cello has been nothing but a symphony in her foster home, no signs of any aggression. She adores children of any age, gets along with dogs of all sizes, and absolutely loves stuffies (walks around the house with one in her mouth). While in foster, she is starting from scratch on her house training skills. She is also being worked up for a possible urinary tract infection so she'll be tuned up and concert ready in no time! She is a bit of a chunky monkey but we know it's all about that bass, no treble!

Cello is a friendly, smart and young Frenchie who is learning all the right notes. She stays close by, already knows sit, and comes when called. If you would like to contribute to her musical fund, please click on her picture to sponsor her and leave her some words of encouragement, maybe in the form of your favorite song lyrics. She'll thank you with an encore!




Such a sweet face!! Hope this helps, especially for as many stuffies as your heart desires sweet Cello! Jessica Brewer

For more stuffies! Love April

Katharine Stevens

For Cello from Iggy and Lola the Frenchies. Enjoy your stuffies.

Hello from Idaho Cello!  Red Door

She's such a precious girl. Lori Douhan

Tammy Clemens

Sandra DeLeonardis

Wishing you well, Cello! Puppy kisses sent your way. Shane Rollins

Rest Easy Cello! Annette Thornburgh

Kelle Burns

Amy Salerno

A little something for more stuffies! MARIELA JAIME

Hello sweet girl. I hope all is going well with you.  Jacqueline L Flyr

You're a splitting image of our Zorra who Passed unexpectedly 3 yrs ago. Sight for sad eyes!!! Feel better soon sweet girl! Susan and Randy!

Best wishes Cello!  Sarah & Eric Beach

For whatever you may need Cello! Especially stuffies! From our Frenchie Sophie May who also loves stuffies! Streeter Inc.

Enioy more stuffies!! Thinking of you! Shaun, Mandy & Kolton

To Cello, With love from the Kozak Family!

Enjoy the treats!! Rob n Stacey

I hope you find the perfect home Miss Cello! Lots of slobbery kisses from Sunshyne and Tytan

Cello..sending wonderful wishes from Frenchie Lovers the Archibalds in Las Vegas, NV.

Hi Cello: I hope you can get a brand new stuffie with this. We love you sweetie. Carol & Wally

Irene Kim

Hi Cello. We hope this helps you on your new journey. Tracy & Jen

Traci Rawson

This is for Cello in NV.  She's marked very similarly to my little girl that passed 2 yrs ago. Just a different color. Hope this helps Cello. From myself and my fur kids Louie and Spur. Michael Whittemore

Sweet Cello, How a dog as precious as you could end up on the streets is hard to understand. sending love from Alberta and best wishes for a wonderful forever home xo Christine Hayduk

For sweet Cello - your stuffy obsession reminds me of our sweet Frenchie angel who had the same obsession when we rescued her 11 years ago! - The Rodriguez Family