Date posted: 9/8/18
Location: CA

Dearly loved Harley, aka Walter in his foster home, was very old, and his age caught up to him.  He slipped across the Bridge on the lap of his foster mom, encircled by loved ones, with a belly full of Kobe beef burger and fries and the knowledge that he had loved and been loved so deeply in his foster home. As his foster mom said, "
Our close friends and family spoiled him daily. Wherever he went in the room, or the world, he was like a magnet for affection. A special soul indeed."  Until we meet again, old boy.

Harley is returning to us after several years with his adoptive family. Their life situation changed--babies and a new job-- and these new responsibilities became overwhelming on top of a senior special-needs dog.

Harley has settled into his foster home and is making everyone fall in love with him! He is kind and gentlemanly, giving affection and cuddles at any opportunity. He has been communicating with a sound described as “walrus gurgles”-- a sound familiar to anyone who has experienced the peculiarities of Frenchie vocalizations.

His foster family has been diligent in finding care for his neurological conditions that make his hind end wobbly and give him some incontinence issues. His foster family has some experience with special-needs dogs, so they are pulling out every trick in the book to see if any of the treatments will improve his strength. And he has been loving all the attention and his new squeaky toys.

Harley will be going to the vet for a complete assessment and treatment plan. If you would like to chip in for what will likely be an ongoing expense, click on his picture to sponsor Harley. Thank you!



In loving memoriam to Bunny Lewis, we hope our donation can help Harley love a little longer, healthier and happier!

Love, Bunny, Family and friends.

For however this will help! Alex Perkins

Allison Bennett

For Harley, from CeeCee

Hi Harley, you're a handsome little guy. I hope you are well and good. This contribution is from Moe, a senior Frenchie we adopted a few years ago. With good looks like yours, you'll have a forever home in no time. Paul Prestwood

Here's to you, Harley, and your walrus gurgles! You deserve the absolute best, sweetie. Merry Christmas! Love, The Crosleys (Emily & Elijah; Pua - Frenchie; Angus O. - Staffie)

Merry Christmas Harley, The Councils

Sponsor donation to Harley on behalf of Mike Lutkus - Merry Christmas Harley! Mary McCullen