Date posted: 9/8/18
Location: Southern CA

Our little 3 year-old Cezanne has returned to us after a long and interesting voyage into the unknown. He came back from his adopters who reported that he had begun guarding his mom and the family feared he might one day give the kids a wee nip to impress on them his dominance. Naturally, FBRN snatched him back up, and in order to assess his naughty level, we asked a local trainer to observe him and have him stay there for a couple of weeks. 
While in the trainer's care, Cezanne did not show any signs of guarding behavior, so he was returned to his original foster family, who were delighted to have him back, even if only for a few weeks. He has displayed no guarding behavior towards his foster mom. There have been children in both the trainer's and the foster family houses. We will look for a family with a background in setting firm rules and not accepting any nonsense from a young pup.
Meanwhile, Cezanne has made a very good impression on his foster mom, since he is beautifully house-trained and thanks to his time at the trainer's he has become much more socialized than he was when he came to her the first time last year. He's learning his leash manners, knows "sit" and "down" and is learning to wait when the front door opens. He's very playful, full of energy, and a lot of full to be with. His favorite things to do are play with young Houdini, another Frenchie who lives a few streets over, and to sunbathe. After meals, he does loony runs around the grassy yard. He is a sock-thief, and he likes to stockpile plastic toys and wooden objects. He has been known to steal homework, which goes over well, as you can imagine, with his foster siblings' educators.
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Hopefully this can help you get some new toys. Alex Perkins

Here is a little something for you, Cezanne. It is in memory of my sweet boy, Marcus Aurelius. He would have loved to play with you. Mary Benak

Hi Cezanne! Enjoy some extra treats or a new toy on us! We are crossing our fingers that we will get to cuddle you soon! Love and licks, the Trego family-Andrew, Jessi, Clover, and Posey!

Pat Shepherd