Date posted: 2/9/20
Location: NC

Who doesn’t want a little bit of spice and a lot of sweet in their life, especially during sweater-weather season? Well, meet newest foster Chai - she’ll keep you warm all year round! Surrendered by her family of 11 years because Chai was snapping at the children in the home, the tough decision had to be made.

So far in foster care, Chai has made herself right at home. She’s housebroken, loves toys and wants nothing more than to snuggle up to her person. Okay, she *might* wake you up at 2am with a stuffed hedgehog to your face but it’s only because she’s a spry senior and wants to play. Geesh. Give the little lady a break. There will always be time to sleep later!

Chai will be seeing the vet for a full check up. Until then, sweet Chai will be waiting to read your words of encouragement. And if you happened to win your office Super Bowl pool, consider donating some to Chai’s journey to happily ever after. Click on the link to sponsor her and she will forever be grateful.


You’re a good girl! With love, Erin

Wishing you all the best Chai! Elfe Shukla

I’ll check back Ms Chai to see when you’re up for adoption. I’ll bet you and my other Frenchie, Rocky, would make quite the pair! I’d spoil you rotten just like him. Lisa Bennett