Date posted: 6/2/17
Location: MN

Please give a warm welcome to our newest love bug, Claire. Despite having severe allergies that make some normal activities, such as walking, painful this little girl is about as sweet as they come. She loves everyone she meets, but don't you dare try to steal this diva's bone! Its just not gonna happen. Her foster family reports that while she is petite and only 16 pounds, she is mighty and strong.

When Claire arrived in foster care her allergies were flaring up and her ears were so inflamed that she could not hear. Claire's inflamed skin made her look like she is part elephant, and her left ear was swollen shut. She still has missing patches of hair and smells yeasty. Her feet are so swollen from allergies, that it appears it is painful for her to walk. In addition, before we got her it was reported that she "went down" a few times due to herniated disks that are inoperable.

In order to help control her allergies, Claire has been placed on a limited ingredient raw diet, which she refused to consume at first. Gluten free grub is just not the same! After about 20 hours and 500 begs for beefs later, she decided that she loved it. Since beginning her new diet, the inflammation in her ears has gone down and she is hearing a bit better. Claire will be visiting the vet soon for a complete health work up.

Claire's veterinary care for her skin condition will cost a pretty penny and this little lady arrived in foster care with an empty piggy bank. If you would like to sponsor Claire and help her on her way to the available page, just click on the link next to her adorable mug shot. She sends you all lots of love and Frenchie kisses.





Teresa Caudle

Amy Connell

Oh Sweet girl. I'm in love with you already.You are in great hands. Sending love and hugs to help you on your way. Nicole Eggleton

Christopher Schisler

matthew horton

Claire (bear) hope you feel better soon! You're in good hands. Mary Hendrickson

Hugs & frenchie kisses - Kari Campbell

Claire, You're a beautiful girl that deserves a beautiful life. Julia Atkins

Claire you are a cute little thing..hope your allergies get better. Debra Nash

Get well soon Claire! Benne Claassen

For Claire! Hoping you feel better soon. Love, the Marquina family

Dog Tired Doggie Daycare

For Claire. My Stella has food allergies too. Her ear canal was swollen shut from infection too. I hope this helps you with your allergy testing. Get better! White marshmallows are hypo allergenic for a treat we were told. Xoxo Joanne Shepherd

Luiza Grimberg