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Date posted: 7/5/20
Location: Texas

Please welcome Coal and her gorgeous ash-gray coat back to FBRN. Coal was recently adopted, but didn’t quite get along with the resident Frenchies. We know everyone gave it their all, and it is unfortunate when things don’t quite work out. FBRN is thrilled to have her back and Coal is adjusting well.

Coal was originally surrendered by her previous owner who didn't have the time and financial resources to care for her. While in foster care the first time, she was spayed, had some dental extractions, and also a few procedures to reconstruct and repair her cleft lip. As you can see in the photos, Coal has a most unique and gorgeous smile!

While Coal may have a few bad habits, she is such a charmer that she wins over everyone she meets! She is very inquisitive and energetic and she LOVES toys. In terms of her health, she seems to be in great shape. Coal is settling back into foster care and her foster family is monitoring her closely. We’ll have more to report soon. In the meantime, Coal is getting ready to impress a new forever family with her wiggle bottom and infectious smile!

If you could use more smiles in your life, then please consider sponsoring Coal today. Just click on the link next to her picture above and Coal will thank you by sending a few big grins your way!


The Repurposed Cottage

Carolyn Monahan

Cutest smile I have ever seen :) Robert Cahill

Mallory Maple