Date posted: 2/24/18
Location: CT

Spring is here! Spring has sprung! Let us welcome the season of - oh, wait. Our mistake. We were momentarily dazzled by the sight of what we thought was the first dahlia of the year. Turns out, it's actually the first *Dahlia* of the year - FBRN's newest foster dog, Dahlia! 

This sweet petunia came to us from a family who realized that her puppy energy - she is just 13 months old - was too much for them. Hoping to find a home that could match her exuberance, FBRN was summoned, and Dahlia has now arrived to brighten the winter days in her east coast foster home. 

So far, things look pretty rosy for Dahlia. She has no known health issues or allergies (imagine that!) -- just a dull coat that should perk up with a good diet and extra scritches. We're sure it will be no time at all before Dahlia blossoms into a pretty posy! If you are so inclined, consider donating a few coins to Dahlia's "fertilizer" (snack) fund, or sending a few "garden tools" (toys) her way. She (and we) will thank you!


Dalhlia here is some coin for your fertilizer and garden tools. Deborah Smithers

For the prettiest Dalia! Love Hugo the French and his family!

Sending sunshine and snacks from the West coast. Lots of puppy love to you, Dahlia! XO Angela Holland

It's not a lot but I hope it helps Geraldine & Emi

For sweet Dahlia, a few dollars for treats. Jill Warzecha

We’re cheering for you, Dahlia! Love, Colin and Maxie

Marilyn Fleetwood

Love you sweet Dahlia! Love Shanna Joe and Jax the Frenchie

Little something for Dahlia to help. Cheers! Amelie