Date posted: 5/27/19

Please give Declan a warm welcome back to FBRN! This handsome boy was adopted over 5 years ago and recently returned when his previous family’s circumstances did not allow adequate time to care for him. Declan was very much loved and the decision to surrender was not easy for his family. He arrived in foster care with an SUV sized load of goodies, including his stairs for the couch, winter clothing, and even a life jacket! Declan is settling into his foster home well and we know there is loving family out there who can devote lots of time to this handsome little devil!

Declan is a big boy, weighing about 37 pounds, who just wants to be loved and cuddled. He has hip dysplasia and his mobility has declined. Sometimes Declan struggles to get his back legs going and he has developed incontinence. He hasn’t had any accidents in his foster home yet and seems to do well with frequent outdoor potty breaks. 

While Declan gets along with dogs his size or smaller, he doesn’t enjoy the company of larger dogs. Interactions with dogs that are in his preferred size range always require proper and slow introductions. Declan is reported to have anxiety and a severe underappreciation for the vet. We’re told that he attempted to snap at a vet tech! We’ll have much more to report on Declan’s behavior once he’s gotten used to the calm environment in his foster home.

Declan has traded in his snow shoes for bare paws on the back porch with a cold glass of tea, and is being fostered in the South. If you’d like to send him a few encouraging words as he adjusts to life in foster care, please click on the banner above and become his sponsor. Thank you!


Ralphie and Debra