Date posted: 6/24/17
Location: VA

Please give a warm welcome to Dharma who has found herself back in FBRN care. Dharma is an older gal and she was, understandably, having difficulty adjusting to the activity levels of a toddler and younger dog in the home. Her former family thought it would be best if we helped Dharma find a place that was more suited to her needs. We are thrilled to have her back and happy to help!

Dharma is 11, but she is still spunky and loves her walks. She has been a love-bug with everyone she has met so far, and she’s been a wonderful house guest. Well, except when her foster mom leaves her alone for a period of time that Dharma considers to be too long. In these instances, Dharma will voice her displeasure with pitiful sounding moans and cries.

As Dharma settles in, she will be slowly introduced to the resident dogs in her foster home and we’ll know more about her likes and dislikes, especially when it comes to her canine companions. Dharma seems to be in pretty good health for her age and we’ll soon have a full report from the vet. For now, she’s enjoying a little quiet time and lots of belly rubs in her foster home.

If you have a little extra to spare, please consider sending Dharma a few encouraging words and perhaps some moola for a nice new pack of yummy treats! All you have to do is click on the banner and become her sponsor. We’re confident that she would love to send back her thanks via butt wiggles and wet-snout kisses!


Teresa Caudle

Some coins for your pocket book Dharma! Lori Davis