Date posted: 12/17/16
Location: Texas

Some of our dogs come to us after a long, hard journey. If only dogs could talk! What happened to Dinah that she was found on a country road, thin and half-dead. We’ll never know what happened to her before whe was found. A local rescue found her, allergic skin, hookworms, scared, and scarred where a c-section would have been, suggesting she was a breeder dog. That rescue brought her to us, where she is is still anxious, but proving herself to be a cuddle bug who loves being around people. Whatever she’s been through has left her with some separation anxiety and possible dog-aggression, but her foster family is working with her to slowly learn to be a good house guest.

With good food and care, she will be transformed, but her health still has a way to go to deal with her hair loss and worms. If you’d like to pitch in with her vet bills and watch her as she transforms, click on Dinah’s picture to sponsor this brave little gal! Thank you!




Teresa Caudle

Cannot wait to see you happy! Lots of love! From Dumpling!

Best of luck from Rin & Crew

For Fitzgerald and Dinah. Hope you both find your forever homes soon. Megan Fitzgerald

You're in good hands Dinah. Annette Thornburgh

A gift for you Dinah! I hope you get to feeling better soon and have a Merry Christmas. You are in safe hands now sweet girl! Love Kellie 

John Schmertz