Date posted: 10/28/18
Location: NJ

TEXTTwo-and-a-half-year-old Django was not getting along with his English bulldog big sister, and despite all efforts, one of them had to go. Though his family were sad to look for other options for him, FBRN was glad to open a foster home for him.

So far, his foster human has found that Django is a sweet guy who doesn’t like to be left alone, and he is on medication to help with this. He also has a bit of a problem with marking what he thinks are his--so far, the bedding in his crate has had a sprinkle, but they’ll see how he does with his belly bands.

What we also know is that he loves kids and has good manners--he didn’t jump up on his foster carer, but waited patiently to be greeted. His foster family includes two dogs, and based on his history of conflict with his former canine sibling, they are taking it very slowly with the introductions. He has already met the cat, and was gentle and well-mannered, which will be very good news for potential applicants with kitties in the house!

Django is young and his health seems to be good, but if you would like to contribute to help out with his costs of living, click on his picture to donate! Thank you!


Courtney Porter

We are sure you are just as amazing as your name is, Django! Merry Christmas! Love, The Crosleys (Elijah & Emily; Pua - Frenchie; Angus - Staffie)

Here’s a little something for Django! We sure love your name and your cute face! Happy holidays! Love, The Adley’s

For Dante- Merry Christmas from The Tincher's. In honor of Mooshie Mic.

Kayla Johnson

Django, you are ADORABLE! Can't wait until you make it to the available page! Dana Smith is a little money to help you get whatever you need for the new year. I fell in love with you when I saw your pic. We are in NJ too..I hope when you are ready, we might be considered to be your new mom and dad. Until then, we hope you are living your best life. Jodie, Henry and Cinny-girl..