Date posted: 10/15/17
Location: Virginia

Hello, Dolly! While she's not straight off the famous avenue called Broadway, she was found on the streets and taken to the local shelter. This adorable 24-pound doll shines like a star. The shelter put her age at 3 years, but the vet and her foster think she might not even be 2! And while she arrived to the shelter with a canine buddy, she's not too keen on making any additional acquaintances with any pups. Her foster family says her moods vary from disinterested to fixation with other dogs, so hopefully after some rest, relaxation, and time, she'll find renewed interest in furry friends.

If that wasn't story enough for Dolly, she has been diagnosed with a urinary tract infection, double ear infections, AND heartworm! (Have you given your pup his/her monthly preventative yet?) None of that is keeping Dolly from soaking up any and all human attention. She especially loves her time with her 9-year-old human foster brother. She is as sweet as can be and happily greeted all the members of a youth baseball team recently. If you have any extra change from your end-of-summer lemonade stand, click on Dolly's picture to sponsor this lovely gal and donate to her treatments. Thank you for your support.


You will probably get along with the other pups once you feel better. FBRN will fix you right up. greg stanley

Rosemarie Dimondo

Lovely Dolly, you are such a beautiful doll. Wish everything goes with you! Jie Han

Feel better, pretty girl! Denise Belair

So Sweet Dollie! <3 Hope you're better soon! Renee T

A little something to help Dolly feel better. What a sweetie. Angela Brightman

For Dolly, from CeeCee

This is for Dolly , hope she is feeling better! cerice stank

I hope you are available for adoption soon. Suzanne, Eddy and Mace Coleman

Hope you feel better soon sweet Dolly. Your forever home will be so lucky to have such a beautiful little girl. Cathryne Rowe