Date posted: 3/10/17
Location: Texas

Who is this newest masked FBRN ninja Frenchie? It's Donatello! And at just 3.5 years old, this handsome blue brindle pied pup has had more changes in address than TMNT Michaelangelo has eaten pizza. Originally bought from a breeder, this little guy was then apparently passed around from home to home. All of that uncertainty is behind him now that he has found his way to FBRN where stability will be the name of the game.

Living up to his namesake, Donatello seems very smart, curious and eager to learn. It was reported that he may exhibit some resource aggression so foster mom will be extra vigilant during super slow intros. 

What does Donatello like doing as he whiles away the hours? Instead of a bo staff, this Donatello's toy of choice is the oh-so-powerful (and non-toxic)...dryer ball!

Donatello promises he will be practicing his manners (and ninja skills!) while in foster care, so please become a sponsor by clicking on Danatello's picture and follow as his story unfolds. He thanks you with an enthusiatic "Cowabunga!"


Allison Foster

You are so precious, Donatello! Here is a little something for you for toys or treats or whatever you need! I lost my Hugo, an FBRN adoptee, and am really missing having a Frenchie to love & spoil! Diana Chase