Date posted: 8/8/19
Location: WA

Please give a warm welcome to Dorey! Dorey was purchased as a puppy by her surrendering family in Southern California. Unfortunately, after just a few months, they noticed that she was having difficulty standing and walking using her hind legs. They took her to a neurologist who diagnosed her with a severe spinal deformity that could only be surgically stabilized by 2 or 3 neurologists in the entire country. One of those neurologists was not far away from them in Southern California, so they took Dory there, but the surgery would be $15,000, and she would possibly need additional surgeries. So Dory was surrendered to FBRN with the hopes that we could help her live her best life.

Since arriving in foster care Dory has visited our neurologist. Our neurologist says that Dorey's condition has declined since her first neurologist visit a couple of months ago. Dorey’s spinal deformity will ultimately continue to pinch off her spinal cord and will result in eventual hind end paralysis and probably more. She has cherry eye and has not been spayed, but because her spinal deformity has affected the shape of her ribs and the placement of her heart and lungs, our veterinarians do not want to put her under anesthesia because she would be at risk of suffocating and dying. She is currently not in pain and is undergoing physical therapy to prevent that for as long as possible.

Despite not having the happiest prognosis, little miss Dorey is just a joyful ray of sunshine and fits her Disney film namesake – just keep swimming – perfectly! She is a happy, energetic, playful 9-month-old puppy who LOVES food, LOVES toys, and especially LOVES chewing everything (bones, toys, her pee pads, the floor rugs, foster mom’s toes…). She is very smart and learned within 24 hours how to get her diapers off and learned how to shake in just 2 days! Her foster mom is getting her lots of smart play toys to help keep up her mental stimulation. Even though Dorey's hind legs tend to drag or splay out in any direction, she can still move very fast! Dorey also enjoys going for walks in the stroller with her foster mom. She loves giving kisses to every person and every dog out there and fits in fabulously with any person or dog pack.

Dorey's medical care will be quite expensive. If you would like to sponsor this adorable girl and help her on her way to the available page, just click on the link next to her super cute puppy mug shot. She sends you all lots of love and Frenchie kisses, too!


Hope this helps Dorey. omar lozano

Christine Ritter

Best wishes for Dorey! Sandra Rivetts

My frenchie had serious back issues, making her hind legs stop working 4 y ago. She came thru a complex surgery and physical therapy process w/ great results. She now has the cutest walk in the city. I do believe in Frenchie miracles, GO Dorey! Maria Fernanda B Nogueira

I hope this small beautiful girl will recover. I wish her to be strong and defeat this disease. Alena Pavlichenko

For Dorey’s Cart! With tons of love and in memory of Jake Holupka. Tracey Holupka

Stephen Hart

MaryAlice Kouba

I am making a donation to sponsor Dorey. My Frenchie Olive is our little angel in heaven. She had spinal issues as well. She was a strong little girl who defied the odds. Stay strong Dorey. I know my angel is watching over you. Mary Anthony

Just keep swimming!!!! Julia Atkins