Date posted: 3/3/19
Location: OK

Give a warm welcome to tiny Eegee! She's a two-year-old sweetheart, with a spicy streak as you’ll soon read. Eegee was surrendered by a Good Samaritan who purchased her from an online ad to keep her from ending up in the wrong hands. We’re so grateful, because Eegee is going to make one lucky family very happy!

Eegee is crate trained, but is still working on potty training. She gets along with other dogs, but due to her high prey drive, cats will likely be a no. Speaking of prey drive, this little gal was able to hop a four foot fence to enter a chicken coop where she made quick work of a few residents. When the time comes, little Miss Feisty will be looking for a fowl-free forever home. Her main health concern is allergies. She was on a raw diet, which was partially controlling them, but we’ll get her in for allergy testing to get to the bottom of it.

Fun times are ahead with this sassy pants, which is sure to include some hilarity and yes, training, too. If you’d like to donate to Eegee’s care and – ahem – college fund, please click on the link to donate. Surely, Eegee will come up with a constructive, non-fowl related way to say thank you in return!


Angela Sharp