Date posted: 12/27/16
Location: MA

Let's give the newest kid on the block a big welcome. He is an adorable cream Frenchie, about 2 years old. Einstein came to FBRN when he was surrendered by his previous owner. His past is a bit of a mystery with some mention of food aggression and being teased. That hasn't stopped him from being a love bug.

Einstein had a great ride in the car on his way to his foster home. He's showing that he's super smart and very well trained. He hasn't shown any signs of food aggression in foster care so far, but things are going slowly for him. He's such a respectful little Frenchie. Einstein will sit on the floor and wait for his people to place him on a sofa or other piece of furniture like a bed. He is also turning out to be an awesome guard Frenchie. He will alert his foster family with a single bark when someone comes to the door.

The only issues that he has shown in foster care so far are that he has bad gas (what Frenchie doesn't?) and he has taken to licking his paws. The later could be out of nervousness, and foster mom is keeping an eye on it. If he happens to be allowed to sleep in bed with his people his preference is the middle, upside down, and touching them!

If you have any change lying around, please consider donating a little something to Einstein. All you need to do is click on the link to sponsor him. Thank you!




Teresa Caudle

Cow eyes! greg stanley

Edward Hughes

We will be watching you! Love, the Holmes Family

Hi Einstein! You are the cutest! Here is something to help with your toy collection. Love, Angela DiNardo

I hope this get you a nice toy and some treats. Clint Pflugh

Thanks for making me smile after my first holiday without my Gus. Nicole Green

Sending love from Aaron & Kristi!

Happy Holidays from the Interlande Family!

Hope this helps Einstein!! You look like a very thoughtful little frenchman!! Sending you good thoughts and best wishes to you finding a forever home in 2017!! Tell your foster parents that cooking your food with a little dill seed can help gas. Elizabeth Kittay

Love Abby and Suzette

I hope to see you on the available page soon! Bernadette Dollinger

Kendall Finn

With lots of love for Einstein! Aurora Billings

We'll keep checking back for you. Silvia Velazquez

Here's a little something for Einstein!! He's super cute and would love to find out more about this little man!! Heather Spangler

Barbara Hugh

Melanie Winchester

We love you Einstein and hope this helps with your transition. Hugs & Kisses! The Rausch Family

Einstein, Sweet handsome boy. Here is a little something for the meantime.  Kelley Peters

Einstein, wishing you all the best during your foster time. Looking forward to seeing on the available list. Christopher Jackson

hilary lester

Einstein has stolen our hearts and inspired us to donate to the dog who needs the most help at this time. In loving memory of: Sloopy, Marley, Chey-Chey, Tippy and Spooky. Kelley Noel

Joseph Lamb

Here's a gift to you in loving memory of Benken Little. Whitney Clarke

For Einstein. It was genius of you indeed to find your way to FBRN. xoxo Alicia Cervini

Hi Einstein! Here's a little something for you. :) L.M.

Samuel Gacek

Holly Redmon