Date posted: 2/4/18
Location: Utah

Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to introduce our newest foster in the characteristic restrained and professional manner our followers and supporters have come to expect from FBRN, some readers may find the following introduction somewhat shocking in its lack of restraint and borderline feverish quality. We apologize in advance.


You heard right: Newest FBRN foster dog Elaine is a bona fide, legitimate puppy and she's GLORIOUS! Elaine is a breeder surrender who was turned over to rescue when her breeder was unable to get her health issues under control. Seems that Elaine has been struggling with diarrhea for weeks, which resulted in a rectal prolapse. Her breeder was unable to pursue further diagnostics or treatment, and turned to rescue for our help.

To be honest, we are pretty happy that Elaine ended up with her particular foster mom and not, say, with most of the rest of us, who would be quite likely to take one look at that little French puppy face and give her whatever she wants. "Keys to the car? Sure, take 'em." "Wanna run with scissors? Sure! Which pair?" You get the idea. Fortunately, Elaine's foster mom is not so easily swayed by a pretty face. She has been working hard to get Elaine settled in, on a schedule, and off to the vet for follow-ups and further testing. Importantly, she is making sure that Elaine and her own dog pack undergo a slow intro process to ensure that all dogs in the home can coexist happily and safely.

So far, so good. Elaine, for all her issues (which include itchies, because what Frenchie these days doesn't have itchies?) is reportedly an "absolute doll." She loves scritches, belly rubs, attention, love, pats-well, you get the idea.

For now, Elaine will relax and settle in to her foster home, and her foster mom and vet will team up to get to the bottom of her intestinal issues. If you are as helpless in the face of this face as we are, please consider donating to her piggy bank. While Elaine's foster home has made sure she has everything she needs - food, soft bed, toys, treats - her high expectations of continuous belly rubs will probably necessitate that one or more humans will quit their day jobs and stay home to meet her demands. (Okay, maybe not really.) Truthfully, Elaine is going to undergo testing for IBD in the near future, and the tests and possible treatments won't be cheap. She - and we - would appreciate any support her fans are willing to provide.


Hope you are on the mend and the available page soon! Warm Wishes Love, Tina, Frenchie Presley, and the team at RuggedWrist

Nancy Webb

Hope you feel better Elaine. ryan schnell

Elaine, be still my heart! I hope your tummy feels better soon! Mona Lipson

Dear Sweet Elaine (Utah) - We are thinking of you and send hugs and kisses. The Villar Family

Best wishes to Elaine! I hope to see you on the available page!  Love Ashleigh, Scott, Jess and our Creme Frenchie Oliver. Woof!

Hi Elaine!! We hope you are feeling good and enjoying your foster home. Our Frenchie, Baron, would love to meet you some day. We are sending hugs and kisses from Chicago! Amy Hieronymus

Elaine- hope you feel better and stay on the mend! Mike Floyd

A little something for Elaine. shannon bertino

Good luck and we hope you get spoiled with cuddles! Shelby Greany

Hello Elaine.. From a fan of your adorable Frenchie face, here in neighboring Nevada! I hope your tummy and booty are feeling much better, and you're on the mend! I'll check back soon to see how you're feeling, to drop another note, and, to leave you a bit more Bitcoin for Biscuits. XO - Angie

for Elaine in Utah, get better sweet girl <3 Enisa Kadic

For Elaine, I hope you are feeling better, from CeeCee

My beloved mother's name was Elaine. Joan Bilinkoff Corbett