Date posted: 7/22/16
Location: North Central Texas

If you’ve never wanted to reach through your screen and bear-hug one of our Frenchies, prepare yourself for a strong urge to do so. Our fair lady, Eliza, has made her entrance into our family! Eliza is one of those who captures the entire FBRN volunteer family in an instant and has us all on pins and needles for her next photo shoot. Want to know why? Read on and grab some tissues for her photos.

Ms. Eliza was reportedly found lost and all alone and was surrendered to us to give her a life she truly deserves. If lost and alone isn’t enough to tug on your heart strings (gasp, a Frenchie!), Eliza was found in extremely rough shape. She was picked up to transfer to foster care with open sores all over her body and suffering from the constant urge to scratch. Her skin is a fright to behold, but take one look into her eyes and tell us you aren’t falling head over heels.

Eliza is a pied and estimated to be two years old. She is starting to show the spunk to match her young age! She spent a whole day at the vet’s getting meds and TLC. Her transformation was immediately seen after her “spa day.” Eliza came out a refreshed dog, dancing and happy as a lark. The scabs all over her body had virtually disappeared and she was ready to prance and show off her makeover!

If you’ve ever dreamed of having or have had a makeover, you’ll surely relate to this sweet girl. Eliza is dreaming of her new life even now in foster care, but is sure to need some continued TLC to get her in tiptop shape to meet her family. Please click on the link to donate. We’ve already told Eliza to expect a flood of encouraging comments, so we hope you won’t disappoint! Don’t tell her secret, but she has been modeling for the camera lately and will probably want to show her photos off just to say thank you in return.









Kim Stevens

Teresa Caudle

Eliza you're beautiful! I love your ears. You'll be good as new in no time :) Jennifer Morrison

To a sweet little girl that deserves nothing but the best. Here is a little for some treats.- Ariana, Raquel, Arran

Sweet Eliza, we hope you feel better in no time and find your perfect forever home. In the meantime, hope you can use this for some treats and toys! -Chris, Chante, & Henry

Heal well you beautiful girl. Eliza, I see a bright future for you ~Luce R.

Scott Byrer

Kathleen Sklivagkos

Good luck Eliza! Richard, Flavia, Milo & Ghost

sunni inman

Mallette Law Office

This donation for Eliza is being made in honor of newlyweds, Mr & Mrs Drew Burt (Katie and Drew) to help a Frenchie until they can formally adopt one into their new family! Christi Richter Henson

Sweet Texas girl Eliza, we want you to heal quickly so that you can enjoy your future and have a fantastic life! Holly Caplan

Heal quickly sweet girl! Katie McElhannon

From CeeCee. Gregory Sorbello

Scott Byrer

Hope you get well soon! fr Dumping

Sara Varon

I hope you are feeling better Miss Eliza! Extra treats are on me! -Niki & Eidie

For sweet Eliza!! You are so precious!! Elizabeth Kittay

For all those Texas fosters! Get healthy and find your forever homes! Shana L Horton