Date posted: 2/24/18
Location: Texas

If this face doesn’t melt your heart, then you might want to see a doctor—there is probably something wrong with your vision and/or soul. Meet 3-year-old Emma, our newest petite princess and quite possibly the sweetest little Frenchie to ever come through the doors of La Maison FBRN. She’s had a rough go of it so far, but now all paths lead to some TLC and the forever home that she’s always deserved.

Emma is the sad (and predictable) result of fad color breeding, where dogs are bred for looks rather than health. Blue Frenchies are a hot commodity, and unscrupulous breeders looking to maximize profits will breed for the blue color without regard for the long term well-being of the parents or pups. Emma suffers from several genetic conditions that are the direct result of irresponsible breeding, including hydrocephalus (the cause of her large noggin), wonky eyes (causing poor vision), and severe allergies (a.k.a. the itchies). Despite this, Emma came to us unspayed, indicating that her original owner may have been trying to breed her. On top of that, it appears that Emma lived the majority of her life outside, where she contracted heartworm and suffered multiple untreated infections, which left both of her ears damaged and one of them crumpled. 

Fortunately, Emma was taken in by a Good Samaritan, who got a number of Emma’s medical issues under control before entrusting FBRN to find her the perfect forever home. Thanks to this lovely and selfless person, Emma is now heartworm negative (yeah!) and free of those painful ear infections. Kudos also go out to the FBRN volunteers who undertook a multistate, 8-hour road trip to bring Emma to her current foster home. Now, the order of business is to have Emma spayed, and determine whether additional veterinary procedures or medications are necessary for her continued health and well-being. At the same time, foster mom is teaching Emma the ins and outs of potty training (with emphasis on the “outs,” naturally) along with some crate training and Doggie Manners 101. 

Through it all, Emma has been an absolute doll baby. She was understandably nervous when she first came into foster care, but she is coming out of her shell and showing just how happy she is to be in loving hands. She craves attention from her people, and has been nothing but sweet to foster mom’s children and even the cranky-pants resident Frenchie. 

Emma’s fortunes have done a 180, but she’s still got a ways to go before her journey is complete. If you’d like to help get this little beauty into the best possible health, please consider becoming her sponsor. It’s easy—just click on the link—and any donation, big or small, will make a difference! Emma and all of us at FBRN thank you for your support.


Hoping Emma just gets the care she needs . cassandra arroyo

Emma, You are a sweet and beautiful girl. Reggie (2015) & Bella want you to have some yummy treat and toys. Hugs from us all in Washington Emma!

Sweet Emma, hope you find a wonderful forever home that you deserve. Big hug! Irina Weintraub

Jamie King

Claire Wood

Fight like a frenchie Emma! Love your ears! Get better xoxo Amber & Queso the frenchie

Jessica Pickett

Suzanne Moore

Naomi Vanover-piggott

Amy Marks

FBRN grad Blueberry sends love & kisses .. and some pocket money to help a sister out. Wacky-eared blue girls gotta stick together! Get ready for the good life Emma!

Jennifer Kenchel

For Emma from Clover!! Hoping you get healthy soon!

Get better soon sweetheart. martha tobo

Get well, Emma! Love, Bentley and Jacques the frenchies

With love from Hugo and Kip

Here’s to a great new life Emma! Rosemarie Dimondo

Hoping my little donation helps sweet Emma on her journey to health! I have a sweet little frenchie baby Penny and would hate to see her in the same pain as Emma :( Take care xx HP

Lilos Design

Maryanne Sorensen

Sweetie take care of her. Elizabeth D Fetter